So you need copywriting done?

But what’s that? You don’t want to pay for it…

You want a copywriter to work for nothing?

There’s something that’s getting on my goat and I have to share it. After all, a problem shared and all that jazz… Tyre-kickers, freeloaders, cheapskates. They are everywhere in the virtual world and they are usually the rudest people you’ll meet. Kinda like window shoppers, but service shoppers. Trying to get you to give them a ‘sample’ for nothing. Then they go to the next, and the next, and the next, until their job is complete. What these shoppers don’t realise is that we belong to networks so often, their scam gets exposed. And sorry, I don’t work for nothing.

Oh cool, you love my copywriting style

I’m flattered. Flattery will get you everywhere. But at least buy me a drink first. Show me the money honey. Then let’s chat.

If you send me an email singing my praises, then I assumed you’ve stalked me all over the place. You’d know my writing style and you want some of this magic for your words. I’m cool with that.

But don’t send me an email telling me I’m awesome and then requesting a ‘sample’. And giving me specific instructions – go to this link, write this, write that… Ummm, how about a big fat NO. And if you think I’m that stupid, you’ve got me summed up all wrong buddy. Please don’t act surprised when you get my return email saying, ‘Sure I’ll do it. But please pay me my fee in advance’ (along with other crafted words that said fuck off in a nice way).

And I’m sure this just doesn’t happen to copywriters

Can you image walking into a restaurant and not paying. Try asking if you can try a dish, and then if you like it, you’ll order more. In fact, try it in any retail store and see how you go. I’m sure you’re going to get laughed at more than once.

Or next time you’re at the dentist, try asking him for a filling, for nothing. Or ask your chemist to fill your script for nothing. Or ask your electrician to re-wire your house for nothing. You wouldn’t right. So why do people think it’s ok to ask service based businesses for a sample?

If you wouldn't ask a shop for a sample, why would you ask a copywriter?

A copywriter will have past samples of their work

I get that clients need to be able to see samples of work. But asking for a free sample is not the way to do this. Alarm bells ring that I’m going to spend 2 hours of my time writing a ‘sample’ and so are 10 other copywriters. You get your copywriting for nothing. Cheeky!

Most copywriters will have a portfolio that you can check out. If they don’t, maybe that should be your alarm bells. Or how about a compromise – you pay for one piece of copywriting, then if you like it, you book in more? Sounds fair yeah?

Has this ever happened to you?

If you’re a service provider, I’d love to hear if this has ever happened to you? What did they ask and how did you respond?

And finally – remember this. You are you. You are valuable. You deserve to be paid for your work.


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