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Does your SEO web copy and blogs smell like stinky brain farts? You’ve blurted out crap into the online world and thought, ‘That’ll do’. And for a while, it did. But now you’ve realised that SEO copywriting and blogs are vital to convert more traffic and grow your business.

Working with established business who aren’t afraid to have a little fun (let’s keep it real), my SEO web and blog copywriting skills are second to none. For the past 7 years, I’ve perfected the art of copywriting, learning from the best.

My specialty lies in creating chatting, humorous copy that doesn’t stink (coz your brain farts will never smell like roses). I put your personality back into your business, find your voice and make your customers fall in love with you (in a totally non-creepy way).

Join my Monstar mission today. Let’s rid the world of crap copywriting and create smiles across the world.


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In the copywriting world, there’s no room for imposters. 

Half-arsed is not an option for me. So I learn from the best and love learning new skills to enhance my copywriting.

The talented Bernadette Schwerdt taught me the art of copywriting and is still my mentor. Love her to bits.

Curious about LinkedIn, I completed the LinkedIn for VAs Program. I highly recommend the LinkedIn Demystifier, Jo Saunders.

I owe my enhanced SEO skills to the brilliant Kate Toon’s Recipe for Success eCourse.

And finally, the amazing Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours who has been my business mentor since I was a newbie.


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Start converting SEO traffic today.

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The copy she wrote was fabulous

I recently engaged Mon to update content for my website. I chose Mon because I had heard really great things about her. I found working with Mon to be amazing. The first draft Mon sent through was just awesome, she just really understood my business and my service offering. The copy she wrote was just fabulous, and only needed a couple of tweaks. I really enjoyed working with Mon, she provided excellent service and just knows her stuff. This girl is a genius! I would certainly recommend Mon to all my friends, colleagues and family. Mon from A Virtual Copywriting Monstar is the best copywriter. Thank you for such a seamless experience.

Social Media Consultant, Sam Says



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