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Google rankings do matter. And if your SEO web copy and blogs aren’t cutting it, you won’t rank. You WANT those bragging rights – trust me.

You NEED your website and blog copywriting to be SEO enhanced to convert more traffic and ultimately, make more sales.

Working with established businesses who like to have fun, my SEO web and blog copywriting skills aren’t pretend – I’ve studied this art form for over 7 years.

My speciality lies in creating chatting, humorous copy that engages the reader and makes them smile. I put your personality back in to your business, help you find your voice, and make your customers fall in love with you (in a totally non-creepy way).

If you’re game, I invite you to join me on my Monstar Copywriting Mission: To rid this overly serious business world of crap copywriting and create smiles across Melbourne – then Australia – then the world!

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Virtual Assistant Services

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In the copywriting world, there’s no room for imposters. 

The talented Bernadette Schwerdt taught me the art of copywriting and is still my mentor. Love her to bits.

I work with the most amazing ‘Secret SEO Squirrel’ who will remain anonymous for now (adds to the mystery).

Curious about LinkedIn, I completed the LinkedIn for VAs Program. I highly recommend the LinkedIn Demystifier, Jo Saunders.

I owe my enhanced SEO skills to the brilliant Kate Toon’s Recipe for Success eCourse.

And finally, the amazing Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours who has been my business mentor since I was a newbie.


Free air freshener with every SEO copywriting & blog package

Reach new heights in your business by fixing your stinky, crappy copy.

Start converting SEO traffic today.

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Her attention to detail is impeccable

If you’re looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant, then you simply cannot go past Monique. I have used Monique’s services for a wide range of tasks – invoicing, contacting companies on my behalf, sourcing images, logos etc for websites, writing various documents and many other things. Her attention to detail is impeccable, her proofing and editing is excellent, she turns jobs over very quickly, often on the same day, her rates are very reasonable, and perhaps most importantly, she is trustworthy and treats everything with great confidentiality. I highly recommend her. I couldn’t run my business without her.

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