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‘She nailed the tone and content of each page’

Fun-loving Melbourne based SEO Copywriter fully trained by leading industry professionals

SEO website copywriting and blogs that people want to read

Personality packed pieces of copywriting to reflect your voice and your brand

Website copywriting for both Google and customer love

LinkedIn profiles that read more like a story than a resume

Product descriptions to sell your benefits, not simply list features

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Am I the SEO copywriter you need?

I’m a story-telling, SEO trained copywriter with a sense of humour. I work with online businesses who NEED to inject some personality back into their business to connect with their customers.

You want to:

Create engaging, witty and compelling copy to woo customers and Google

Become an authority by writing well-planned, SEO enhanced blogs

Outsource your copywriting as it’s not your thing

Buddy up with a copywriting service that won’t bust your budget but gets results

And I’m a real person – no bs

Monique Eddy

A quick flashback to your childhood...

Do you remember when your mum was teaching you to talk and would say, ‘Use your words’? I give the same advice when teaching you to talk to your customers online, ‘Use your words’. Copywriting rocks sock – trust me on this. Start converting SEO traffic today.
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It was like she was reading my mind – but writing it better!

I first approached Monique to assist me with a rebranding of my business. The first stop was the content for my website. Monique listened patiently while I went over the ideas I had, and carefully considered the look and feel I said I was going for. When she came back with my first draft, I was absolutely beaming! It was like she was reading my mind – but writing it better! If I had any changes or suggestions, Monique was quick to come up with something else that fit perfectly, without making me feel like I was being a pain in the backside. I am totally in love with the content she has written, and have now sent her on her next mission for me… my advertising flyers! Thanks Mon! You really are my shining MonSTAR!

Hanna Finlay Head Pain Easer, Off-Site Tradie Admin Services February 10, 2016


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