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Personality packed pieces of copywriting to reflect your voice and your brand

Website copywriting for both Google and customer love

LinkedIn profiles that read more like a story than a resume

Product descriptions to sell your benefits, not simply list features

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Am I the SEO copywriter you need?

I’m a story-telling, SEO trained copywriter with a sense of humour. I work with online businesses who NEED to inject some personality back into their business to connect with their customers.

You want to:

Create engaging, witty and compelling copy to woo customers and Google

Become an authority by writing well-planned, SEO enhanced blogs

Outsource your copywriting as it’s not your thing

Buddy up with a copywriting service that won’t bust your budget but gets results

And I’m a real person – no bs

Monique Eddy

A quick flashback to your childhood...

Do you remember when your mum was teaching you to talk and would say, ‘Use your words’? I give the same advice when teaching you to talk to your customers online, ‘Use your words’. Copywriting rocks sock – trust me on this. Start converting SEO traffic today.

My Absolute MonSTAR

Monique has supported my business and clients of mine with Virtual Assistance and writing. I have found her to be unfailingly positive and passionate about her work and her talents are obvious. I only recommend people I highly trust to provide support to my own clients and Monique definitely satisfies that criteria. I highly recommend that you enhance your own business by utilising Monique’s services.

Rosie Shilo Owner, Virtually Yours August 6, 2015


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Why a copywriter is like a green smoothie

Copywriters may not be everyone’s taste, but we’re bloody good for you Who else loves when someone gives you a nickname? Not one of those mean kid ones at primary school that leave you deeply scarred for years, but an affectionate nickname fits you perfectly. And...

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