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Do you need a hand to write a bio or your LI profile?

Writing about yourself is legit, one of the hardest things you have to do. No one loves doing it.

You want to show the world how amazing you are and that you are the best at what you do, but you don’t want to come across as too cocky or arrogant right?

And in a world where LinkedIn is your online resume, having a killer profile and bio is key to score the big jobs and make valuable connections.

People will check you out online – that’s a fact! Everyone loves a bit of online stalking, right?!

You need a well-written bio or LinkedIn profile to create an instant connection with whoever reads it. You want them to say, ‘yep, they’re my kind of person and I need to work with them’. And if they don’t – well, they’re not your ideal client are they!

‘‘Mon wrote me a bio that is hands down the best portrayal of me on paper I’ve ever experienced. She got right to the heart of what I want my clients to know me for, both the serious and the ridiculous parts of my personality and skill’.

The benefits of working with a copywriter


Vamp up your online resume


Show your human side


Attract the right people


Use keywords to rank


Trained SEO copywriter


100s of happy clients



A trained LI copywriter

Having trained and worked with world-renowned LinkedIn Trainer, Jo Saunders, I know how to write a LI profile that speaks to your audience rather than boringly listing jobs and skills.


Extensive copywriting experience

As a fully trained copywriter whose crafted copy for many years, I’ve worked with clients in a range of industries. That’s part of being a creative copywriter – being adaptable.

SEO bio & LI copywriting – what’s included:



I will ask you to fill out my briefing docs so I can find out all about you. With bio or LI profile copywriting, I will need to have a quick chat with you too. It’s important that I hear your voice and how you speak so I can write to sound like you! You want an authentic bio written after all.



Once I have an insight into your world and we’ve had a briefing, I will do a bit of research into you and your competitors and then I will write your first draft. I capture your unique voice and I portray you as the person you need your audience to relate to, love and buy from.



When your first draft is ready, I send it to you in a doc that you can mark up. I suggest you make comments if there’s anything you need changed or added. Send it back to me and I’ll create your final copy that you can upload to your website, LI profile or wherever you need a bio.

Who uses my Bio & LinkedIn Copywriting services?

 There comes a time in most business owner’s life where they need a long or short bio ready – to be a guest blogger or podcast guest, applying for an award, getting an online profile (socials), an about page on a website, or a LI profile.

I know it’s super hard to write about yourself and that’s where I come in to help you.

I’ve worked with virtual assistants, speakers, lawyers, website developers, social media managers, psychologists, animation specialists, receptionists and many more. Being flexible and creative is part of the copywriting world.

I’m also a freelance copywriter contracted to the global award-winning SEO company StudioHawk so I know a thing or two about incorporating keywords for ranking.

If you’ve got a sense of humour, know that copy is killer for content creation and have faith I can do what I say, you’re my kind of client.

Work with an expert

I have been trained by leading experts. Bernadette (Australian School of Copywriting) for my mad copywriting skills and Jo (Wildfire Marketing) for my LI writing skills.

Make connections

On LinkedIn where there are soooo many professionals, you need to create a standout profile that gets noticed and makes people want to connect (and work) with you.


Create a brand voice

Copywriting helps you create a brand voice and remain consistent online. It’s important to know how your customers speak, to listen and then write words they will relate to.

Blush-worthy copywriting praise from clients

You are amazing! Thank you! I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you so much for sending through the product descriptions. You are truly magnificent! And your blog writing makes me sound smart…

Hannah Naylor

Wonder Woman, Effortless Eco

I first approached Monique to assist me with a rebranding of my business. The first stop was the content for my website. Monique listened patiently while I went over the ideas I had, and carefully considered the look and feel I said I was going for. When she came back with my first draft, I was absolutely beaming! It was like she was reading my mind – but writing it better! If I had any changes or suggestions, Monique was quick to come up with something else that fit perfectly, without making me feel like I was being a pain in the backside. I am totally in love with the content she has written, and have now sent her on her next mission for me… my advertising flyers! Thanks Mon! You really are my shining MonSTAR!

Hanna Finlay

Head Honcho, Off-Site Reception

I recently approached Mon to help me work on a sales letter for my business.  She was incredible!!!!!  Mon went above and beyond what I was expecting and came out the other side with a beautifully written letter that would surely make any sane person jump at the chance to work with me!  Her attention to detail, sound advice and words of wisdom were all so very much appreciated and made working with her, a really easy relaxing experience.  Mon put my mind at ease when I was struggling to find the words to put my idea in place.  Thank you Mon for everything!!!!

Tiffany Selzer

Photographer, Sweet Memory Photography

I have had the greatest pleasure engaging Monique to assist me with copywriting for not only my own business but also to assist my clients. She has been engaged to polish blog posts, newsletters, email campaigns and also write copy from bullet points supplied for blog posts and various marketing collateral. She is a talented gem to work with and I will continue to use Monique’s services into the future.

Kirsty Wilson

Managing Director, Interim Business Solutions

What does LI profile and bio copywriting cost?

Once I know how many bios you need, we can work out a package deal. But as a guideline, my LinkedIn summary section (only) copywriting starts from $180, with short bios (100 words) starting from $60.

All your LI and bio copywriting questions answered

Can a LI profile help with Google rankings?

If you’ve used your keywords in your LI heading, then yes, your LI profile may be found on Google. However, it’s also important to use your keywords so people searching on LI itself will find you too.

Can I do one bio at a time?

If that works better for your marketing budget, then sure you can. However, I won’t be able to offer discounts for writing this way. Package deals apply if the copy is all done at one time.

How many rounds of revisions do you offer?

Just one! I know that doesn’t sound huge but honestly, it’s not needed. I’m a perfectionist who likes to get it right from the start to save too much back and forwards too. A client the other day came back to say, ‘I’ve only got to change 2 words if that’s ok and it’s perfect’. That’s why 1 round of revisions works for me.

How long does it take to receive my copy?

When we chat, I will give you an indication of the timeline, depending on the jobs I have booked in. Generally, bio and LI summary writing jobs will take me a couple of days (once you’re booked into my schedule).

What if I hate what you write?

If you’ve read my website and like how it reads, and you’ve read my true testimonials, you shouldn’t hate what I write. That’s another reason I work with people I click with as I believe you’ll like my style of writing.

Do you offer guarantees?

On a bio – no sorry. There’s really no way to measure how successful it is. With your LI profile, the same deal applies as aside from connections, it’s hard to gauge success of your bio.

What payment types do you accept?

As a soloist business owner who runs a small ship, I accept direct deposit payments to a nominated account. My payment terms are 50% upfront with the final 50% being due within 7 days of the final draft being issued.

Need a brilliant bio or standout LI profile written?

If you’re ready for a LI update, or need a bio that makes you sound amazing, let me write it for you (please!).

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