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Do you need help writing blogs for your website?

When it comes to SEO for your website, blogs are a brilliant way to add some Google love. Blogs keep your website content fresh and relevant, so the Google bots know to visit you and rank you.

But when you’re a stretched business owner, writing a blog is often the last thing you find time for (trust me – sadly I know – I’m like a plumber with leaking taps!).

Luckily for you, I love writing blogs for my clients. The research, the structure and the conversation I create.

You’ll be surprised how easy I can make your blog copywriting and content creation experience!

‘Mon really took the time to research and understand my business, so much so that I believe Mon can articulate it better than I ever could!’.

The benefits of working with an SEO blog copywriter


Keep your website relevant


Become the go-to expert


Share on your socials


Fun & easy to read blogs


Trained SEO copywriter


Use keywords to rank



Create easy to repurpose content

One well-written blog post can have multiple uses. Take out your golden nuggets for social posts. Link to your programs or courses. Create an eBook, vlogs or podcasts.


Extensive copywriting experience

As a fully trained copywriter whose crafted copy for many years, I’ve worked with clients in a range of industries. That’s part of being a creative copywriter – being adaptable.

SEO blog copywriting – what’s included:



I will ask you to fill out my briefing doc with the topic, any links for research, with anything you’d like mentioned or with anything you’ve written.

BUT – most of my clients send me, ‘Mon can you write on this’ and leave me to do it all. That comes with time!



Once I know the topic you want to focus on for the fortnight or month, I usually do my own research or read what you’ve written. I then get to work to create a blog masterpiece, including your SEO tags. Most blogs end up around 800 – 1200 words depending on the topic.



When I’ve written your blog, I send it to you for a review. I ask you to mark up any changes and send it back. What I’ve found from my clients is that my blog writing 99.8% of the time hits the mark the first time so no revisions are needed. Then you simply upload it and start sharing with your network.

Who uses my SEO blog copywriting services?

I have multiple regular blog clients and I love the variety that comes with each unique business.

I write regularly for a social media expert, a website design and online course builder, a construction animation company, a cleaning company, a pet sitter, a psychologist and more.

I’m also a freelance copywriter contracted to the global award-winning SEO company StudioHawk so I know a thing or two about how to write a well-structured, SEO rich blog.

If you’ve got a sense of humour, know that copy is killer for content creation and have faith I can do what I say, you’re my kind of client.

Work with an expert

I was trained by the leading copywriting coach, Bernadette at the Australian School of Copywriting back in 2009. I’ve updated skills over the years to train as an SEO copywriter.

Shareable content

One well-written blog has the potential to bring in new clients. Not only will Google rank your new content, but when it’s shared or promoted online, you direct people to your website.


Create a brand voice

Copywriting helps you create a brand voice and remain consistent online. It’s important to know how your customers speak, to listen and then write words they will relate to.

Blush-worthy copywriting praise from clients

You are amazing! Thank you! I seriously don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you so much for sending through the product descriptions. You are truly magnificent! And your blog writing makes me sound smart…

Hannah Naylor

Wonder Woman, Effortless Eco

I first approached Monique to assist me with a rebranding of my business. The first stop was the content for my website. Monique listened patiently while I went over the ideas I had, and carefully considered the look and feel I said I was going for. When she came back with my first draft, I was absolutely beaming! It was like she was reading my mind – but writing it better! If I had any changes or suggestions, Monique was quick to come up with something else that fit perfectly, without making me feel like I was being a pain in the backside. I am totally in love with the content she has written, and have now sent her on her next mission for me… my advertising flyers! Thanks Mon! You really are my shining MonSTAR!

Hanna Finlay

Head Honcho, Off-Site Reception

I recently approached Mon to help me work on a sales letter for my business.  She was incredible!!!!!  Mon went above and beyond what I was expecting and came out the other side with a beautifully written letter that would surely make any sane person jump at the chance to work with me!  Her attention to detail, sound advice and words of wisdom were all so very much appreciated and made working with her, a really easy relaxing experience.  Mon put my mind at ease when I was struggling to find the words to put my idea in place.  Thank you Mon for everything!!!!

Tiffany Selzer

Photographer, Sweet Memory Photography

I have had the greatest pleasure engaging Monique to assist me with copywriting for not only my own business but also to assist my clients. She has been engaged to polish blog posts, newsletters, email campaigns and also write copy from bullet points supplied for blog posts and various marketing collateral. She is a talented gem to work with and I will continue to use Monique’s services into the future.

Kirsty Wilson

Managing Director, Interim Business Solutions

Here’s another thought for your blog copywriting!

The amazing Suz Chadwick has a fabulous podcast called, ‘Brand Builder’s Lab’. She shares so many useful branding and marketing tips. She’s the queen of content so got me onboard to help turn her podcasts into blog posts!

Here’s what Suz said:

‘Monique has been such a fabulous addition to the business. She’s helped us focus on our keywords and create content that helps us get found. Plus she nails my brand voice so that the content she writes fits in with everything else we do. Would highly recommend her (as I already do to all my clients) if you’re looking for a great writer!’

What does SEO blog copywriting cost?

Depending on the length of your blog, my prices start from $160 per blog post (including your SEO tags).

If you’d like to add in an eNewsletter using the blog as the basis, or create social media snippets, additional costs apply.

All your SEO blog copywriting questions answered

What’s the difference between copywriting and SEO copywriting?

The main difference is that SEO copywriting incorporates the principles of copywriting but adds a second layer – the one that Google loves. SEO copywriting uses relevant keywords in all the right places.

Is SEO copywriting just keyword stuffing?

No!! I hate obvious keyword stuffing. Sure, SEO copywriting involves using keywords – but they’re used strategically. As a human, I write for humans first (to create connections), then incorporate the keywords for Google.

Do you write one blog at a time or a series at once?

Most clients do one blog per month. It’s enough to keep their website relevant and gives them something to use on their social channels. It’s also a good way to keep updated on the latest offers you have, or to write about what’s trending at the time.

Will you be free to do regular copywriting work?

I already have a few regular blog copywriting jobs, but if I know yours is coming, I can book in some time for you each fortnight or month. So, please do ask.

How many rounds of revisions do you offer?

Just one! I know that doesn’t sound huge but honestly, it’s not needed. I’m a perfectionist who likes to get it right from the start to save too much back and forwards too. A client the other day came back to say, ‘I’ve only got to change 2 words if that’s ok and it’s perfect’. That’s why 1 round of revisions works for me.

How long does it take to receive my copy?

When we chat, I will give you an indication of the timeline, depending on the jobs I have booked in. For blog writing, please allow a couple of days. If you’re a regular, we can set a date you need your blog by each month.  

What if I hate what you write?

If you’ve read my website and like how it reads, and you’ve read my true testimonials, you shouldn’t hate what I write. That’s another reason I work with people I click with as I believe you’ll like my style of writing.

Do you offer guarantees?

As SEO is a huge beast, with copywriting being one factor, I can’t guarantee that my copy alone will get you ranking higher. Yes, it will help – but if you’ve got other SEO issues happening, I can’t be responsible.

What payment types do you accept?

As a soloist business owner who runs a small ship, I accept direct deposit payments to a nominated account. For blog writing, I will invoice you once the blog is written to save wasting time with a deposit invoice. Late payments will attract penalties.  

Ready to get your content ramped up with SEO blog copywriting?

I love writing content for blogs so please let me do what I love!

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