I’m an SEO website, blog & bio copywriter based in Melbourne

Also known as a smile creator & a giraffe loving short arse who can balance a spoon on her nose.

SEO Copywriting

In an online world, you need an experienced SEO copywriter on your team.

Trust is something that is earnt. And in the online business world, I’ve worked as a copywriter for many years to build trust with customers.

The talented Bernadette Schwerdt taught me the art of copywriting back in 2009 and has mentored me ever since. I love her to bits.

Loving SEO Copywriting, I’m thrilled to be a freelance copywriter for a global award-winning SEO company, StudioHawk.

The amazing Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours has been a highly trusted colleague since my humble beginnings and helped form my business.

‘The online biz world is all about communication. And the main way we chat is through words. It makes perfect sense that you’d hire an SEO copywriter to help you connect with your customers’.

Copywriting & Business Associations

Hey, I’m Mon, a copywriter whose work is like ‘Omg Wonderful’

One thing you’ll always hear me say, is how hard it is to write about yourself – and yes, even a copywriter struggles.

But the about page of your website is one of the most important pages as I guarantee people WILL check you out before working with you.

As a quick insight into me, I’ve run my online copywriting biz since 2009, way before it was trendy or ‘the norm’. I am fully trained in SEO copywriting and love the psychology of words.

I work with clients who:

  • Have a sense of humour
  • Know that hiring a copywriter is good for business
  • Gets that copy needs to be conversational (not stuffy or full of jargon)
  • Want to create copywriting masterpieces

→  Fun facts!  ←

I legit can balance a spoon on my nose

My Spoodle Max is a ripe old age of 16

I am in ‘mumtirement’ with both kids being adults now

When I’m not writing copy, I’m arranging flowers

I order extra pickles on a burger (veggie one)

Let’s share your story with the online world.


Get copywriting starts here. Let’s get your online presence up to speed and kicking goals.

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