Copywriters may not be everyone’s taste, but we’re bloody good for you

Who else loves when someone gives you a nickname?

Not one of those mean kid ones at primary school that leave you deeply scarred for years, but an affectionate nickname fits you perfectly.

And we’re all something to someone. My favs are Mon, mum, baby baby, Mon Mon, spunky, smiley and chicky.

But the other day, I was given a new nickname that really suits my life as a copywriter.

So, from this day on, my tagline will be Mon – copywriter, smile creator and green smoothie.

As a copywriter, I am just like a green smoothie

I’ll quickly buzz through why I’m loving this new title as a copywriter:

  1. Green smoothies aren’t everyone’s taste, and neither is my copywriting style. And guess what – I’m totally cool with that. I know not everyone likes my style of chatty copy, and I know not everyone thinks, ‘Ohhh yum, munched up kale’. But it’s your choice. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
  2. Just like a green smoothie, using a copywriter is hugely beneficial to your health (or the health of your business). You psych yourself into believing that a green smoothie is great for you and that they’ll get easier to swallow day by day, and a copywriter uses psychology tactics to tell your customers why you’re great for them.
  3. When all the ingredients are separate, they are useful in their own rights, but they’re not working together to benefit you. And seriously, who wants to eat a handful of kale or spinach on its own? They’re so much easy to stomach when blended perfectly. It’s like a copywriter taking your fragmented ideas stuffing them into a blender with our own secret ingredients, and producing a totally blended product that goes down without the dry retching effect.
  4. The benefits may not be obvious from the start, but soon enough, people will start to praise you for your shiny hair, your strong nails, your glowing skin and your lean figure. All that drinking of veggies has been worth it. Praise rocks. When you find your voice, and build your story across all aspects of your business, people will start to take notice. You’ll be praised for your website, for your blogging, for your social media, for your product descriptions and so on.

Have you got a business green smoothie?

I know that not everyone loves a green smoothie. Perhaps you’re more a fruit smoothie kinda person, or more of a milkshake with ice-cream kinda person.

That’s perfect. BUT, you need to know your taste.

Just like you need to find a copywriter you love.

Now I don’t think this is a major revelation, but copywriters aren’t all the same. We have different styles, different levels of training, different writing passions. So, although I may be a green smoothie you’re craving, another business may want a more serious protein building smoothie and if you look, you’ll find them!

And trust me, you’ll know when you’ve found your business copywriter. You’ll stop finding the smoothie hard to swallow, you’ll look forward to it working for you, and you’ll start to wonder how you ever lived without them.

How do you describe your copywriter?

I’d love to open up the floor and ask you how you’d describe your business copywriter?

Maybe they’re your coffee – strong and bold and get you going. Maybe they’re your scotch and coke – perfectly blended into your business, and the more you work, the more fun you have…

Or if you’re a copywriter – what’s the funniest name you’ve ever been called?

I am so owning this ‘Green Smoothie’ title – thanks Nita!

Craving a green smoothie?

If you want to have a chat about your copywriting and to see if I’ll be your green smoothie, get in touch. Honestly, it’s easiest to reach me via email ( or send me a Facebook message. I don’t always have my phone on during the day when I’m writing.

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