Cat farting and copywriting

Did you know that cats fart? Like seriously? They put their little tails up in the air and poof – they fart. I’m in amazement as I’ve never actually seen or smelt a cat fart before. 

I guess it’s a natural thing to do but I’ve never seen it before. My dogs on the other hand – god they can make the entire family leave the room. Putrid critters with all their bone chewing. 

So when my friend was chatting to me the other day and told her cat off for farting I felt my world explode. 

And cat farts got me thinking…

It’s copywriting psychology 101 – you don’t know what you want til someone tells you! 

Call me weird, but I have to experience a cat farting. Feel free to tag me in multiple YouTube videos and I’ll be captivated for hours. And I never knew I’d find this so amazing until it was mentioned to me. 

Cats farting are a bit like business…

People won’t necessarily know they need you until you tell them they do. What you offer your clients may never have entered their mind as an idea of what they need. 

And how do you tell them? Through your copywriting of course. You couldn’t expect me to tell you anything else – I’m a copywriter. 

Seriously though – use your copywriting to tell your clients why they need you. 

Point out your differences and don’t be afraid to plug your strengths. Be confident. Or if you can’t be confident, at least look it by having your words correct. 

I was tagged on a post recently in a business group. Multiple copywriters were saying ‘pick me’ but the guy responded to me purely because he liked my writing style on my website. And I didn’t even have to go looking – referrals and the right words are a winning combo! 

So if you’d like some help, please reach out and contact me. I don’t bite (as I’m not running that sort of business) but I am more than happy to have a chat. 

And if you’ve got farting cat stories, please feel free to share these golden nuggets of goodness. 








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