Little blogging tips from leading experts

As a copywriter, I promote that you should be blogging.

As a business owner, mum, wife, driving instructor, social planner, cook, cleaner, pizza maker, zookeeper, financial controller, car fixer, and Netflix binge watcher, I don’t often find the time to blog.

But in our online world, blogging is still a key element in your online marketing. Sucks for us with little to no time hey?

One thing we do know is that your blogging ‘sales’ success will depend on how often you’re posting, and how relevant your blogs are.

For example, if you’re hoping to generate sales, you’ll need to be posting a few times a week, possibly every day (or more if you’re game)! Sound a bit excessive? Well think about it this way – buyers tend to read 3 to 5 pieces of your content before they start engaging with or buying from you.

So, the more content you’re putting out there, the more likely you are to make sales.

You’ve got to read ‘How to Build an Online Business’ written by Bernadette Schwerdt

I recently attended the book launch of my dear client Bernadette Schwerdt. She’s written her second book titled, ‘How to Build an Online Business’.

And I may be a tad biased, but it’s awesome!

I know how much work went into this book, the quality of the Aussie online entrepreneurs she interviewed, and the bucket load of useful business information it contains.

Honestly, I’ve been running my own business for almost 9 years, and this book still gave me tons of ‘that’s brilliant’ moments.

So, without giving away too much info, here are some of the hottest blogging tips you’ll find in this amazing book.

Do what Darren does

I’m guessing you know who Darren Rowse is? He’s a blogger extraordinaire, running ProBlogger and giving us all hope that we too can make a living from blogging. He’s also a very generous man who has featured in both of Bernadette’s books. His tip: write a short blog, asking for your readers to give you blog ideas in the comments section. Genius!

Use Facebook to research your blog topics

Merli Harli is a highly experienced digital marketer who’s been in business for many years. She had a client who didn’t know what topic to blog about. They wrote 7 industry-specific blogs, shared them on Facebook and tracked their unpaid (organic) performance. One blog stood out with a great click-through rate and high engagement levels. Viola – they knew where to concentrate their efforts.

Let Google help you choose blog topics

You know when you go to Google something, and the smart Google gods predict what you’re about to say…Well, they do this by coming up with what people have recently searched for. In Bernadette’s book, she uses the example of a craft blog. If you were to type in ‘How to knit’…the most popular searches would come up – How to knit beanies, How to knit scarves etc. If people are searching for these topics, you need to be blogging about them.

Keep your blogs real

We’re over fluff and fake – people can smell it a mile away. A great example of keeping it real is Lucy Mathieson, a baking blogger from Bake, Play, Smile. With a blog that generates an income of over $100,000 a year, Lucy has built up trust with the big brands (Tip Top, San Remo, Tefal etc.). If she loves a brand or product, she happily tells her audience all about it. You’ll never see anything she doesn’t believe in on her website. It’s this honesty that her fans have come to love.

Still think blogging is hard work?

I’m constantly writing blogs for my clients (and ignoring my own – oops). I LOVE writing blogs for others. Blogs are fun, and I can write them all day long. So, if you’re not up to constant blog writing, maybe (just maybe), you could team up with an SEO copywriter (me)?

But first, please do pop on over and grab yourself a copy of Bernadette’s book, ‘How to Build an Online Business’.

And let’s give this a go. If there are any copywriting topics you’d love me to blog about, please share below in the comments.

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