In all promotional copy, the most important words are those that ultimately lead to sales. After all, isn’t that the point of promotional materials? Most people wouldn’t spend money on an advertisement if they didn’t want a sale to result. If you’re like me, you don’t spend money just for the hell of it!

In advertisements, your eye is naturally attracted to certain words, particularly those that seem ‘newsy’.

Here are some examples of persuasive words:

  • Novelty or newness – unique, special, welcome, introducing
  • Urgent words – now, new, results, discover
  • About the reader – you, you’re, yours, you’ll
  • Reassuring words – easy, simple, guarantee, proven
  • Save/Make money – win, save, cheap, free, reduced
  • Caring – love, children, family

Sometimes, we have seen wording to often that we do not believe the words are credible anymore. Be cautious of the context in which you use words. EG: 50% off or discount is highly effective in grabbing attention if the offer is worthwhile and worded correctly.

Remember that readers respond to ads/copy that appeals to their needs.

Here are a few needs that many of us could relate to:

  • Efficiency – making our busy lives simpler
  • Individuality – we all like to feel independent/important
  • Money-saving – we love to find a bargain
  • Novelty – we love something new
  • Pampering – be entertained or relax
  • Toys for the boys – as my hubbie says, “He who dies with the most toys, wins”
  • Style – we all want to be fashionable and be seen to have good taste
  • Association – what we like to relate to, eg: sophisticated business person, lady of leisure

When putting together an advertisement, appeal to your target audience and use a selection of the words mentioned above.

Above all, stroke the customer’s ego – it’s all about them remember!

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