Who’s up for some fun?

I’m beginning to think that maybe I push the boundaries of Business’s serious side.

The way I see it, it’s not like I’m needing to be all serious so employers hire me. I’m a copywriter. I am my boss.

And if you happen to be stalking me, I assume you’re checking out my style.  To see why I’m unique, an original, the piece of cheddar cheese in a Swiss diary.

So let’s have some fun yeah and play a game. I’ll start us off.

If I wasn’t a copywriter I’d be…

A little clone of Dr Sandra Lee, the Pimple Popper. Yes! I’d be a pimple popper. I couldn’t think of anything gooier (but fun) than squeezing those amazing monsters. The joy of seeing that final pop, the squirt, the ooze. And just to be able to use that word on a daily basis – ooze.

And getting paid the big bucks. And being a total YouTube fan without even needing to show your face…How amazing would that be. Here’s a video of Dr Lee in action if you’ve never seen her before. Oh, don’t watch this in your lunch break though – you may not find it as cool as I do.

A close second to this would be a Panda Hugger. I’m not kidding you, it’s also a real thing: http://www.boredpanda.com/hugger-panda-nanny-best-job-protection-research-center/ .

Over to you – what would you be?

If you haven’t passed out, I’d love for you to push the Business fun boundaries with me. What would you be if you weren’t what you are?

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