time is money

Business should be fun, but you also need to bring in the cash.

Think about why you started your business. I hope it’s because you had a real passion for what you do. It’s those who are passionate about their business that see their business boom and survive through all the ups and downs.

And I’m a firm believer in having a bit of fun in my business. I think you can tell from my little Monstar logo that I have a fun side and don’t take myself too seriously.

BUT I do take my business seriously.

So when someone asks me to work for nothing, to ‘give a sample’ using their business as an example, the hairs on my neck stand up.

Would you:

  • Ask your plumber to change a washer for free before deciding if he should change the other one?
  • Ask your physio to massage one leg for free before deciding if he should massage the other one?
  • Ask your dentist to clean one tooth before deciding if he should clean the other ones?
  • Ask your builder to build one room before deciding if he should build the rest of your house?
  • Ask your accountant to balance your books before deciding if you will use his services?

I think you get my point.

I’m a Virtual Assistant and a Copywriter.

I value my business and my services and therefore I am not in the position to offer my services for ‘free’.

Of course I totally understand that people want to see how I write and how I can represent their business. It makes perfect business sense to ask for testimonials. Those can be found on my website. And if a client wants more, I’m more than willing to provide examples of copywriting I’ve done for other clients (with their approval).

Beware of the business shopper…

Just a word of warning from someone who’s been around for a while now. If a client asks you to provide a ‘free’ sample of your work, what makes you think it’s only you they’re asking? It has been known that people ask a few services to provide a ‘free’ sample and give them different sections to work on. Voila! Their job is completed for nothing.

So please, value yourself and value your business.

If a client asks you to work for nothing, have enough self-respect to say no! Remember that you’re a business owner, that you run a successful business and that your time is valuable.


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