I hope you had a look at your brochures last week. Do you think it would have been read or recycled? I thought we could chat about brochures again today. They are a great promotional tool for many businesses.

No one perfects a brochure on the first attempt. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Spell out abbreviations the first time you use them. Remember your readers may not have technical knowledge or understand the jargon of your business.
  • Don’t constantly mention your business name. Use your logo and branding instead.
  • Avoid making your brochure too wordy. Incorporate pictures with benefit driven copy.
  • Don’t mention dates in your brochure. This will ensure your brochure does not become out dated.

You may want to consider using a graphic designer to help. They can advise on the design and help you choose colours and themes. They can also suggest layouts so you know how much you need to write.

Now that you have some tips on brochure creation, why don’t you have a go?

I am offering a service to review your brochure, offer advice and give you an independent opinion. Call me for further information.

Stay tuned for the next blog that will give you tips on getting your copy out of your head and onto paper.

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