So you’ve read my blogs about the right words to use but none of this will help you if you copy is still unclear. Today I thought I’d give you some tips to improve your clarity.

  1. Place important words at the end of your sentence. EG: Instead of saying ‘Your family needs taking care of’, change it to, ‘Take care of your family’. You could even add the ‘How To’ concept in front of this to make it a headline!
  2. Try to use fewer words to describe something for more effective copywriting.
  3. Use headings. Break up the text and highlight the benefit that’s coming up next.
  4. Number you points as I have done here! It’s much easier for the reader to digest than a chunk of text.
  5. Summarise your benefits. Ways to do this include a PS on a letter or using the back page of a brochure.
  6. Write from the customer’s view point. Focus on the customer’s needs and interests.
  7. Be confident. There’s nothing wrong with being bold. EG: Instead of saying, ‘we think’, say ‘we know’.
  8. Use facts as it gives your copy more credibility.
  9. Try the overnight test. I highly recommend this and do it with all of my copy. I guarantee you’ll come back and make changes for the better.
  10. Show someone else your draft and be open to their feedback. Ask things such as: is it easy to read, are the points clear and is it interesting?

As you can see, there is so much thought that goes into writing copy and loads of little points to learn about.

Remember, don’t try and simply sell your product/service. Solve your customer’s problems.

Here’s another little poem I whipped up to end the blog on a funny note.

I love to write, I could do it all day,
So send your copywriting along my way.
Oops I broke the rules, that’s a shameless self promo,
Does it help if I say my washing powder is OMO?

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