I am stepping out of my rut today and writing blogs. The kids are at school, the hubbie is asleep after night shift and I finally have some peace and quiet to be creative. When you’re a freelancer, Mondays no longer suck!
I plan to bring to my loyal followers an insight into who I am and what it is I actually do. It’s amazing how many people have no idea what a Copywriter is or does. I must admit, I didn’t eight months ago, until I discovered the marvellous Bernadette Schwerdt and the Australian School of Copywriting.

Copywriting to me is about words. That’s it! It is the art of using the correct words to promote a product, service or person. Once that is explained to people, they say ‘Ah, so you could do this…’ Okay, so it may not be easy as it sounds, but with a love for the English language, a creative mind and some training, Copywriting is my chosen career path.

I am also a Virtual Secretary. With today’s technology, companies or soloists do not have to work from huge office complexes or have their administration work done on site. I am a business owner and I have a home office set up. Client contact is via phone, email or over the internet. With a corporate background, the move to the virtual world was easy and there are many chores I can tackle for my clients.
So, going forward, you will see blogs from me mainly based around the copywriting aspect of my business as I feel this is an area that more people are interested in learning about. I will be ending each blog with my funny story, joke or positive comment as above all, I like to be known as a ‘Smile Creator’. Feel free to add your comments, or share your own funny story or jokes.

PS – Isn’t it cute, when in front of a rock guitar teacher, your daughter is trying to guess the lyrics of a song, when you say to her, “You know, it’s one I sing all the time” and she says, “Wake me up before you go-go”. Floor sink, daggy feeling, guitar teacher cracking up. It was meant to be, “Sweet Child O Mine” by the Mighty Guns ‘n’ Roses!!

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