You really can’t be surprised that a Monstar swears. And often swears like a trooper. Is it unprofessional – maybe. Is it human – totally!

I’ve decided that in 2016, I’m being totally real. I’m tired of being ‘nice’. Nice chicks never finish first. Well maybe sometimes they do. But it’s the ‘out there’ chicks that get noticed and become famous. Kim Kardashian didn’t make her millions from being ‘nice’. And no, I don’t have secret sex tapes that are going to come out, leading to my own reality show…

Hands up if you ended your working life in 2015 crying like a baby? I did. I had 2 things happen that made me wonder why the fuck I was in business and getting so stressed out.

I’m a genuinely sensitive soul who takes a massive amount of pride in my work.

I won’t go into the situations, but let me just assure you, they were totally uncalled for and although I was owed an apology, it didn’t come. Some people are just purely rude bitches – a lesson everyone learns in business at some stage.

So I’m making changes and listening to my gut.

From my experience, here are some things to watch when finding new clients:

  • If they ask you for a ‘free’ sample – run (you are worth your time)
  • If they say ‘I’ve had heaps of people in the past be able to do this’ – run (why aren’t they still using them?)
  • If they expect you to drop everything to cater to them – run (you started your business to be your own boss, not be bossed)
  • If they are fucking rude – run (they are not your boss and no one should speak to you like you’re below them)
  • If they start missing invoice payments – run (they can’t afford you but will keep giving you work as long as you keep putting up with non-payment)

For too long I’ve been a ‘yes’ woman. I do everything I can to bend backwards and pacify my clients – the entire, ‘yes ma’am, yes sir’ employee mentality.

Fuck that! It burns you out. I love my current clients, so unless new admin clients come along that I totally click with, I won’t just take on anyone. My lucky VA friends will get the referrals.

I’m at the stage where I can choose who I want to work with. And that feels great.

So this year, whenever I experience any negativity, I’m saying to myself, ‘I don’t give a shit’ and moving on.

Living life and enjoying my business is far more important than being ‘nice’ to nasty business owners.

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