One thing I’ve learnt about Virtual Assistants is that we’re cheap!

No offense chicks, but we are. Well most of us anyway – especially those starting out. And I’m not talking about our rates but our ‘investment’ in ourselves.

Although working from home has many, many, many, many benefits, it’s not always as ‘cheap’ as you may initially think to set up your business. And without your finances in order, you will struggle when it comes to expanding your business.

Let’s have a look at this.

Your initial virtual assistant business set-up costs can include:

  • Business registration costs
  • Equipment purchase – laptop/computer, printer, software, virus protection, specialised programs, office desk, office chair etc.
  • Logo creation
  • Website design/creation
  • Mentoring to get your thoughts in order (it’s such a great idea to chat to an experienced person who has done it all before – you’ll get heaps of ideas)
  • Copywriting for your website (first impressions count – I can help you with this part!)
  • Finding/attending local networking events (which usually include a cover charge for breakfast/lunch or the session itself)
  • Business card creation/printing
  • And I’m sure there’s more I’ve missed

When you start adding all these bits up, you’ll realise it does cost a bit to start your business. That is, if you start it out properly and thoroughly from the start.

Sure, you could skimp on items such as trying to design logos and websites for yourself, as well as writing your own copy, but here’s a hint…

From my experience, the Virtual Assistants who invest in themselves from the start, have seen greater success when finding clients.

Why? Because they’ve nutted out exactly what they do and what they offer, and they’ve designed their business to appeal to their ideal client. And, what’s awesome for me is, they’ve invested some money into getting their copy targeted to attract those clients.

So are you going to be another VA who thinks it’s ‘easy’ to set up and do what we do, or are you going to set yourself up as a serious business owner and invest in yourself to launch your business further?

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