A copywriter’s experiment on how people judge your social media profile pictures

Facebook test

Have you ever been sucked in by these Facebook tests? A friend shared this one and I just had to have a go – it’s fun right? And the results of this photo analysis where totally amazing for my ego. My 17-year-old found my attitude age hilarious. I dare you to judge me – how old do you think I am? No rewards will be given but here’s a clue – the above is very flattering.

This little Facebook test (probably more fake than a Kardashian), made me think about how people judge your social media profile pictures. So I did some research using www.photofeeler.com (which is awesome fun – try it) and here are the results.

My current LinkedIn social media profile picture

This is my current LinkedIn picture which I also use for my Clever Copywriting School profile picture and on my ‘About’ page. I ran the photo feeler test for both ‘Business’ and ‘Social’ to see the comparison. I have my occupation listed as ‘copywriter’.

Monstar LinkedIn profile picture

According to the 10 independent people who gave their opinion, I’m not very competent, likeable or influential in a business sense, but it’s an awesome photo socially – I’m confident and fun.

My current Facebook social media profile picture

My new gorgeous little lizard Betty is the focus of my Facebook profile picture. Again, I ran the photo feeler test for both ‘Business’ and ‘Social’ to see the comparison. My occupation is again listed as ‘copywriter’.


It seems I’m much more likeable and influential when holding a cute little lizard. And it’s kicking butt on the social side (but don’t tell my daughter she’s right as she’s the one who told me to use it for my profile pic).

So I played with old social media profile pictures just for fun

Since I was playing and experimenting, I decided to get judged on my past social media profile pictures that I’d used for both Facebook and LinkedIn. Here are the results. I’m thinking I need to find a photographer for some professional business shots.

BeachMonstar profile picture

I’d love for you to have a go and share your results.

Head on over to www.photofeeler.com, upload your photo and then comment back here with your results. I’d love to see how you go. If you’ve had some fun with this article, please share with your network.

A Virtual Copywriting Monstar Bio

I’m an SEO copywriter, a blog writer, a word extractor, a social media profile writer, an offsite admin organiser and a giraffe loving short arse who can balance a spoon on her nose.

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