Public Toilet Etiquette - It's seriously important crap.

I’m known for talking about crap copywriting, but today is about a different kind of crap.

To be clear, I haven’t changed professions to become a public loo blogger. But I feel like I have to get this out there.

Public toilet etiquette. It’s important to know this shit! 

Airports, shopping centres, zoos, casinos, sports stadiums…it doesn’t matter where you need to go but please follow these basic rules of loo courtesy:

  • Give a lady space to pee. If you see someone in a cubicle, and the rest of them are empty, space it out. Don’t use the one directly next to the occupied loo if you don’t need to.
  • If you’re doing the ‘chicks always go in pairs’ thing & having a convo, find two loos next to each other. It’s never ok to sit either side of a stranger & continue your conversation.
  • If you must send an email, turn your volume down so others don’t have to hear that distinctive ‘zoop’ noise and know your conducting more business than necessary in there.
  • Flush! Seriously, you’re not at home so it’s not ok to follow the rule, ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’.
  • The fact that you should always grab some loo paper to wipe a public seat before you sit down should be a golden indicator that your cubicle has no paper. Go to another one. Don’t sit there shouting for someone to bring you some. You’re not at home. At worst, shake it off.

I don’t want to believe that common courtesy is dead and buried. But lately, my use of public toilets (as I’m often out and about) has left me wondering if we need to bring back ‘finishing’ school just to teach basic etiquette.

Or maybe it’s a respect thing – respect for people’s space – which in an overly social online space has been lost too – everyone knows everything about everyone’s shit.

And that’s my rant over for today. I promise I’ll be back to useful copywriting blogs soon!


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