And the only thing I flashed was my copywriting skills…

A couple of months ago my new baby girl, Precious, came into my life. I may be a biased mum, but she’s totally amazing. She never whinges and she’s super responsive. And pretty – oh boy is she pretty. I love my Precious, a Holden Cruze (the sporty turbo model of course).

The Monstar Holden Cruze

The team at Cranbourne Holden were so easy to deal with. Whoever oversees their sales person training needs a big ‘congratulations’ for the great job they’ve done with their staff. Maybe those shopping centre sales people should take note.

You’ve probably realised that I hate sleazy salesmen. You know the ones – ‘Oh you better take up my offer because another couple just looked and I offered them the same deal – first in will get it’. Or the ones who shamelessly try to flirt. Or the ones that all come out of nowhere and try to nab you…

The crew at Cranny were far from sleazeballs. They weren’t pushy, they weren’t all over me to make a sale, and they put up with my indecisive nature like pros, even sitting me down for a time out with a yummo coffee. So, I put myself in debt and bought my baby home. No regrets.

No regerts tattoo

When Holden asked for feedback about my experience, I used my super powers of copywriting to give them a fantastic review. They seriously deserved it. I walked in to find a car for my fiancé, and walked out with a new car too. Their salesman Michael Hall, rocked his job.

And I wanted Holden to know this.

As it turned out, my POSITIVE words made an impact. The MD came down, showed Michael my email and was told to ‘look after her’ as I’m now a priority client. Why? Because I stroked the right egos I guess! And in a world of negative feedback and complaints, maybe my little ray of sunshine email stood out.

So, I didn’t have to smile sweetly, batt my eyelids or flash (anything) to get a free car service.

I simply used my words for good. $300 worth of good as it turns out.

Next time you’re asked for feedback, put some thought into it. Be constructive, be positive and point out everything they did RIGHT. You’ll be surprised what it can get you.


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