I pride myself on being such an organised person. I run my household like clockwork. With kids and after school activities coupled with a shift worker for a partner, I have to be organised.

Lately I have even made a menu plan where I know who is home each night and cater for everyone all with individual tastes. It helps me write my weekly shopping list too – which I have to admit, I’ve only started to do as well. No more ‘lucky dip’ shopping for me!

Part of being so organised allows me to work from home, usually so perfectly. I wake up at 6am, shower, get dressed and ‘beautified’, then have breakfast with the little Monstars at 7am, dry my hair, brush my teeth and finish in the bathroom by 7.45am. Then I have 15 minutes to quickly check emails until I say ‘Bye bye, be good’ to the little Monstars at 8am who leave to catch their school bus. Then I head off on my ‘power waddle’ (to quote the marvellous Kirsty from Interim Business Solutions) for 45 minutes before I have my second coffee and sit down to work at 9am.

Are you tired already?

Then my work day starts. Lately, I’ve been stopping to say ‘Hi, how was school?’ to the little Monstars when they get home at 4pm, cook dinner, eat, have another power waddle and then sit back down to continue working. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the work flooding in but I think it’s making me forget the simple things!

Ok, enough Monstar waffle (you should be used to my love of long copy by now) and onto why I face palmed!

I have a brilliantly talented client who is currently producing a TV show. I know – wow right?! It’s all about Aussie Online Entrepreneurs so I’m dealing with a lot of very successful people. My client is currently holding a series of events so we have produced fliers, had them professionally designed and printed.

I was setting up a Facebook Content Calendar for her when I realised that we had one of our Entrepreneur’s names wrong…on 2 out of 4 fliers. Oh **%%. This was something I usually would have picked up straight away but it slipped straight past me. His name is 4 letters starting with M and the name being used had the same set out (4 letters and started with M).

I was onto it straight away to get everything fixed up and I rang this very kind, forgiving Entrepreneur who had a great laugh. Phew… He even said that he’s not egotistical and wouldn’t have cared if I called him Susan!

It made me realise though, no matter how busy I get, I still need to focus on every single little detail 100%. What a ball to drop. I’m just so pleased that he was fantastic and that my client assured me that many others could have picked up the error so not to stress out.


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