Want to be a Virtual Assistant?

Are you ready to start your own
Virtual Assistant business?

You won’t earn 6 figures (on your own)
and it’s tough – that’s the truth

As an ‘oldie’ in this growing Virtual Assistant industry, it shits me when I hear so many false claims. Seriously earning 6 figures a year would be bloody hard work. Think about it, it’s admin work. You’d have to earn over $2000 a week to crack that. Are you going to charge a massively high hourly rate hoping clients will pay, or work non-stop and be a slave to your business?

I think it’s time VAs get real. This is hard work. It takes time to build a thriving VA business and you need to put in multiple love hours to get there. Many, many love hours…

When I started, I set out on my own to learn everything about what it takes to be a VA. And geez, did I have a LOT to learn.

And then I found my mentor, my muse, my guiding light.

Who is my virtual assistant mentor?

Ms Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours. I bombarded this poor lady with so many stupid questions. And I mean stupid. I was so corporate bound that I had no idea what to do, where to start, what to focus on. But patiently, question by question, she shaped this Monstar into what I am today. And I still turn to her as a mentor.

  • But I have a tiny start out budget
  • But I’m not even sure myself what I should do
  • But I have no idea where to start
  • But I would eventually figure this all out myself

Stop with the excuses!

I’ve heard them all – they once came out of my own mouth too. The only way to make your virtual assistant business boom is hard work, sweat and tears (no blood please it freaks me out), networking and mentoring.

And Rosie’s Virtual Assistant mentees are booming!

I’m not kidding you. I’m privy to be a part of the Facebook Group and I tell you, these ladies have gone from strength to strength and are now working full time in their business – in their first year! Holy crap right. It can be done.

Here’s the best virtual assistant mentoring you’ll find in the industry.

Go and check out Rosie and I guarantee you’ll get the results you’re looking for – a thriving VA business and a great excuse to tell your corporate boss to stick it! Oh and guess what – I’m also a VYVA mentor (for copywriting) – cool hey?


Oh, and if you don’t want to sign up on a month to month basis, let Rosie know – she’s happy to offer ad-hoc mentoring for those moments when you need her the most.

And then remember to come back to me for help with your copywriting and marketing!

And here’s a photo of us having fun – just for giggles…

Rosie and Me

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