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Here are my top copywriting and
online business assistant FAQs

What Is A Copywriter?

A copywriter has a talent for creative, promotional writing. They have studied and developed the art from of copywriting to use words to promote your business, and persuade your clients why your business is better than the next one.

Where Would I Use Copywriting?

Anytime you write about your business in a promotional sense – that’s copywriting. It’s everywhere: in brochures, websites, print, television, social media, emails, letters…

What’s the difference between copywriting and SEO copywriting?

The main difference between general copywriting and SEO copywriting, is that SEO copywriting is content for websites or blogs. It still incorporates all the principles of copywriting, however it adds a second layer – one that Google loves. It’s about using relevant keywords and knowing how words need to be written to entice readers online.

What Is an Online Business Assistant?

Also known as a VA, an online business assistant is your perfect business partner! Going beyond the realm of basic, cheap VAs, an online business assistant partners with you to take care of the day to day running of your business. There’s nothing better than helping a business grow and being a part of something wonderful. T

How do I work with an online business assistant?

Your perfect OBA will guide you through the virtual set up process. You can set up business emails so they look like they are answering on behalf of your company. They can answer your phone calls like they are in your office. Work is sent electronically through emails, Dropbox, Google Drive and other methods.

Do you work with other businesses besides virtual assistants?

Of course! I’ve just targeted my marketing at VAs as they reflect my own business. If you feel your business style and sense of fun matches my own, and you’ll like to work together, sure thing – I’m up for that.

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