If you’ve been following my blogs, you would have realised a lot of thought, know-how and time can go into one piece of copy.

Today, let’s look at linking words which are another vital aspect of body copy. So what are linking words?

Linking words turn your copy into a story which in turn should encourage your reader to stay engaged until the end of your piece. They create the rhythm and flow and make waffle copy become snappy copy.

They are words we use every day in conversation. When you place these words strategically throughout your copy, your reader magically stays tuned.

Here are some examples:

  • Add more info – also, including, then, in fact, for
  • Explain – actually, because, for example, which means that
  • A different perspective – although, however, but, above all, yet
  • Move to an unconnected idea – again, since, remember, of course
  • Introductory words – now, only, sale, new, for just one week
  • Make it sound easy – all you have to do is, naturally, discover how, you’ll also benefit from
  • Share experiences – you probably, have you ever, not everyone, sometimes
  • Look ahead – we’ll send you, you’ll now be able to
  • Put arguments in order – from…to…, next, then, to begin with
  • Add detail – for example, further, for instance
  • Make comparisons – today…tomorrow…, at home…at work…, some…others…
  • Give reassurance – money back offer, we’re the biggest name in, you can’t lose
  • Summarise the argument – finally, so, therefore, all in all
  • Call for action – for further info, to book, post the coupon today

As you can see, there are many ways to keep a reader engaged by using every day, conversational words.

Have a closer look at the next piece of promotional copy you read. If it keeps you engaged, you will find it full of linking words.

Above all, remember to read your copy out loud. If it flows like a natural conversation, you’re on the right path.

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