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Have you ever stopped to think how many people actually rely on you? Naturally, there is your family (whether you have kids, elderly parents, siblings etc.), but today I want to focus on your business side.

I’ve been in business for a while now and I’ve done a whole lot of ‘business soul searching’ lately – what do I love, what do I hate, what can I do better, who do I love working with…

And when I was deep in thought, I began to think beyond my clients and realised that my work runs deeper and flows on to many different people. So what do I mean?

The Flow on Effect:

  • My clients have clients who require things from my client
  • So my client emails me to do the work as admin is my forte
  • So the work is actually for my client’s client
  • Not only is it my reputation on the line, but that of my client
  • My work needs to be of the highest standard every time (and it is of course!)

For example: just say you sent through a Word document that you researched and typed up for your client (from their instructions). They are pressed for time and didn’t check your work but simply forwarded it on to the person who had requested this info from them. If you had added the wrong information and made a ton of errors, how would this reflect on your client? Could you imagine their embarrassment when they receive an email back from their client telling them how wrong they were?

And this happens in any industry. You all know about my feral neighbours by now…We recently asked the real estate agent to contact the owner as we want to replace the fence. As a result, the owner called us directly. You could imagine her surprise when she found out the real estate was not doing her job:

  • The owner wasn’t aware of the numerous complaints from all the neighbours around here
  • The owner wasn’t aware of the state of the house
  • The owner didn’t know that people drive straight past the house, ignoring the ‘For Sale’ sign (as the dumped cars, smashed windows and doors torn off hinges are a turn off)

The owner was mortified, apologised to us and is going to get the real estate to get the tenants out! So the real estate agent not doing her job not only affected the owner and her chances of selling, but has affected all of us surrounding these ferals as she was clearly not doing anything about our complaints.

So rather than thinking of yourself as a small fry, think of yourself as an important piece of a bigger picture. You are important, not only to your client, but those relying on them too.

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