Have you ever been to a conference where you walk away with a show bag full of brochures? If you’re anything like me, they will sit there for weeks before you go back to look at them. I bet you would keep the attractive, well worded brochures and throw out the rest.

Here’s 10 ways to make sure your brochure is read. You don’t want it recycled faster than the time it took you to create it.

  1. What are you selling? Look beyond the physical product to see the emotional trigger. EG: I didn’t buy a king size bed; I bought comfort and a guarantee of a good night’s sleep.
  2. Make people want to open your brochure by telling the reader there is something for them inside.
  3. A ‘happy customer’ letter on the inside cover is a great way to promote your product/service.
  4. Make sure your brochure is useful. If it contains info that the customer can refer back to – bonus! Your brochure is kept for longer.
  5. Start selling fast using your top benefits first. This way, if people don’t continue reading, at least they’ve seen what you offer.
  6. Use pictures to reflect your words. People’s eyes naturally look at pictures first. Include a caption.
  7. Don’t write from the company’s viewpoint. Write for the customer who will want to know, “What’s in it for me?”
  8. Think of any questions your customer may have and address these. It will show that you can connect with your customer.
  9. Everyone loves a good deal. Make a special offer of a free sample, a trial offer or a discount.
  10. Be creative. Play with layouts and paper shapes. Just remember to consider printing costs for odd shapes.

Before you spend your advertising budget on a brochure, try to figure out your wording using these tips. Of course you can also ask a copywriter for help. (Yes, shameless self promotion  – sorry!)

PS – Got to get an ego boost when your son’s mates think you are his big sister!

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