Personal observations from the Monstar…

What were you doing just prior to reading this blog post? I can almost 100% guarantee that you were scrolling through Facebook and saw my post about my ‘new blog post being live’. So thanks for taking the time out of your scrolling to pop on over and listen to my mumblings!

Over the weekend, I attended a brilliant Motivating Mums Expo with one of my favourite clients/friends/all-round awesome chick, Rosie Shilo. I was there to represent her business and help explain to other business owners what a Virtual Assistant can do for their business.

Being a bit of an observationalist (new Mon word there), I often scanned the room to see what was happening.

Here’s what I saw regarding Social Media:

  • Heads looking down at phone and I was guilty as charged on occasion too
  • People taking the time to pose with others for photos, then losing attention in the conversation so they could post their photo and add the relevant #
  • Businesses running competitions, encouraging Social Media sharing but losing the guests attention as they shared the post as directed
  • A photography business running around taking photos and asking for everyone’s ‘Instagram name’ so she could tag her photography (and she wasn’t even the official photographer!)

I thought, ‘Wow, this is so different to a conference I attended when I started my business way back in 2009’. Back then, guests actually walked around the display tables, fully interacting with no phones in sight. They communicated in real life, and did not lose conservation through distraction.

So why is Social Media now so important that it makes us unsocial in real life?

That, I can’t answer – I really have no clue!

Your thoughts are welcomed.

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