And all I did was blog about a trend I saw on Facebook…

I’ve been a blog writer for a while now. I blog about copywriting, giving you little tips that I think you’ll find useful for your own online business.

But a couple of weeks ago, I tried something a bit different.

I wrote about a trend I’d noticed on Facebook.


My blog was shared – heaps. And little old me had a few little belly flops to think so many people were reading and reacting to something I’d written.

What did I blog about?

I blogged about a trend I’d seen in certain Facebook groups that I called, ‘Negative Nancy Marketing’. The theory being; have a whinge and you’ll get heaps of comments and likes, and in some cases, sell out products.

It truly works.

Some people took my blog as actually BEING negative. I think maybe I’d hit a nerve. Or even jumped on toes like an elephant wearing high heels. Totally accidentally.

I was doing what everyone else does on Facebook – voicing my bloody opinion – coz I can – right?

So what happened with my blog?

I blew up the internet. Kidding!

My blog resonated with quite a few people – the peeps who obviously hung out in similar Facebook groups with me. They had seen the whinging: ‘my boyfriend dumped me’, ‘my product isn’t selling’, ‘my clients don’t pay me’, and ‘my dog just pooped on the carpet’ posts.

They were literally stupid, sooky, non-business posts.

Now before you all get out your baseball bats to swing at me again, yes, I know everyone needs to vent occasionally. That’s cool. But you have FRIENDS or FAMILY don’t you? Is it suitable to sook up on business Facebook groups?

Again, don’t belt me yet. SOME small, intimate Facebook groups are amazing support and if you need to vent, you’ll find that support. That’s what some groups are designed for. But I’m talking about the big, businesses, all in, no-industry, no-exclusivity groups.

So, we’re cool yeah?

My blog was shared to multiple Facebook groups

When my blog was being shared to various groups, I thought the alien gut buster in my belly was finally about to burst out. I had the biggest stomach flip flops and wanted to vomit.

My thoughts, shared to networks, being seen by people – MY THOUGHTS.

Surprisingly, I knew that’s the entire point of a blog, but it still made me as nervous as a chicken in a lion cage. I didn’t want to get ripped apart.

And my website hits went up 329.03% – Amazing

Thanks to all those extra groups linking back to my website and sharing my blog, my Google Analytics showed me that my website hits went up 329.03%.

This was kind of exciting. Yes, I know this isn’t going to stay, but here’s what it also did:

  • My page views went up 281.48%
  • My average session time went up 179.16%
  • My sessions per user went up 15.02%

So, what this all meant is people were coming to my site, reading my blog, and staying around to check out what else I did.

And even if Google doesn’t look at this (I won’t debate on this one), I am still happy that more people know who I am – and might even come back again.


Hot blog topics you should try (at your own risk as you may jump on toes):

If you’ve had a good laugh, spread the word (please)

I need to get used to being known out there. My little world is lovely, but if more people know who I am, the more I can rid the world of crap copywriting and help online businesses make more sales. So please, for the love of online businesses, spread the love around again.

And it’s amazing therapy for me – helps me deal with that alien gut buster who belly flops like a mother farmer (tame language in use today).

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