Sweaty confessions of a blog copywriter

This is not the easiest blog post to write. In fact, I don’t really feel like writing it, but I must. I haven’t been giving any love in quite some time, and I’m noticing the drought.

So, I cheated. My Gawd. I did it.

We’re all friends online yeah? Is it safe for me to tell you this? Without judgment? Without criticism? Without you looking at me differently?

Who knows maybe some of you are cheaters too and I’ll inspire you to come out and tell the world. And geezus, this is actually feeling really, really, really good to get this off my (mummy sagging) chest.

Firstly, I must apologise to my honey bunny for my sin

This is a photo of honey bunny – or honey AND bunny if you like. Honey bunny is my life. My everything. My partners in copywriting crime.

I rely on these two to help me write. And they do a BRILLIANT job if I do say so myself.

*Side gloat note – I’ve just been nominated for the Motivating Mums Brilliant Biz Award for Writing Excellence. Go me!

But this pair is always so busy typing copy for everyone else, they demand a break and whine and complain like mo-fo’s if I want to do any writing for myself. Hence the whole blog copywriting drought I’m experiencing.

So, I cheated. And OMG, it felt a little naughty, but SOOOOO fkn good.

In my defence, I was told to cheat by top business mentors

I belong to one of the most supportive networks in Australia for virtual businesses – Virtually Yours. I recently had a mentoring session with VA Advocate Rosie Shilo, who’s been my shoulder for many, many years. She had invited the mind-blowingly amazing Alli Price from Motivating Mums along too.

Yeah, lucky me hey – 2 top mentors listening to my waffle and having to accept that I still won’t set goals!

Personally, I think my biz is ticking along nicely and I’m genuinely a happy chick who doesn’t want to become the next superstar in Australian copywriting. The thought of being in the spotlight is like the underwire snapping in my bra – the sort of uncomfortable that makes you jiggle.

But they’re mentors so they HAD to get something. So, I put on my big girl panties and got brave.

I told them I was experiencing a drought in my business marriage. Maybe it’s that 9-year itch thing. I’m complacent. It’s the same old same old and I’ve accepted that’s life. Who needs romance yeah?

I admitted that I found it hard to do my own thing. There are nights I’d prefer to Netflix (only – no chill about it) rather than think. I’ve also become a little selfish lately and decided I need to get fabulous for a certain birthday and I’m trying to walk 5kms a night.

So Alli came up with this.

While I’m walking, to record my blog on one of these fang-dangle voice to text apps on my phone.

She’s a fkn genius yeah?

This blog was ‘spoken’ while I puffed away on my treadmill

Tonight, I was out in my garage doing my nightly 5kms on my poor old treadmill (he’s had a hard life with me constantly pounding away on him poor bugger), and I started recording my blog.

If my neighbour heard me, I’m sure she’s now thinking I’m some sort of weirdo, but hey, I’ve achieved my desired outcome and written a blog – in one hour.

Sure, the copy produced wasn’t perfect, but that’s where being a copywriter helps. I simply polished up what I had said, reordered it, gave it a bit of a pizazz and voila – I have a blog post. Pretty fkn awesome.

So, I cheated on my honey bunny with my feet and my mouth. To suck up and let them know they’re still my world, I did allow them to fix up all the errors speech to text creates and do all the copy/paste to my blog post.

I think they appreciated that.

Is this the start of more regular blog posts for me?

Shit yeah! I’ve found a new passion. Talk walk. I’m getting fitter (coz talking while you walk adds more to your workout yeah?) and I’m writing blog posts for me again.

Now to think of my topics!

Want help with your blogs posts?

If you’re having trouble with your blog posts, try what I did. Alli knows what she’s on about that’s for sure. Or if you’d like help, you can either blurt it all out on paper and send it to me for a polish up. Or, chat to me about how I can write from scratch for you.

Happy to help however I can.

Oh and before I leave you – please feel free to share your cheating stories.

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