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Have you got one of those friends who always shares those ‘too much information’ stories? Well, today that’s me.

I’m about to tell you what makes a copywriter hot. The hot that makes me go ‘OMG that’s amazing’.

Powerful eye candy.

Yep, eye candy. But not the hunk of spunk type of eye candy.

It’s the real, witty, solid bit of copywriting, filled with power words, that pops out of the screen that floats my boat. And I can tell good copywriting when I see it.

Selling your business with your words gives people goosebumps  

Do you want to know a secret? You can always tell writing that’s polished by a copywriter. Why’s that?

  • Because it keeps you reading
  • Because it’s selling you the benefits
  • Because it’s not as annoying as stepping in dog poo

You can listen to so many ‘experts’ telling you how to create content easily, but if you don’t know HOW to write it to make people read, it’s a big fat waste of time.

Your words are a primary communication channel with your customers. And even if you’ve jumped onboard videos and Facebook live – you still don’t want to come across sounding like a twat. Your words matter.

Yes, I’m a copywriter so may be biased that words are hot

But seriously, your words matter more than ever before.

With so many businesses being online, written communication has gone from ‘it’s good to do it well’ to ‘it’s super crucial’. Whether you’re writing a social media post, a blog post, or an email, clear written communication is the key to business success.

What does good copywriting do

It slowly plays with your emotions. It turns you from a cold-hearted sceptic to a wild person shaking with desire.

It goes far beyond simple storytelling (although this helps).

It takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that ultimately will influence you to take action.

Sure, the world is FULL of people who can scribble down their ideas, but compelling copywriting takes your thoughts and gives them life. They embed into the mind of your customer, tugging and pulling at their emotions to make them act.

Like a blog post I wrote for a client that resulted in six online sales in the first four hours of the blog promotion. That gave me goosebumps too.

So, do you want to know how to write better copy

Here’s a start. Use POWER words. Weave these little beauties into your copy to pack an emotional punch.

Make your copywriting powerful

And there you have it – power words are what makes a copywriter hot

Sorry if you were expecting a ‘50 Shades of Grey’ type of blog post, but I save that for my secret identity. Words are my passion.

If you want more info on my copywriting services, or just want to polish something you’ve written, drop me an email.

Here’s what the amazing Katrina from OverflowHR had to say about me:

‘Mon listens to exactly what you want then adds a mountain of sprinkles on top to make blogs and website content awesome. Looking forward to continuing to utilise her copywriter skills. I would highly recommend A Virtual Copywriting Monstar’.

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