The Smiling Mon-Star has returned to have a chat today about Copywriting in general. It’s my passion, my baby and as I nurture it and learn more and more, I am happy to share these thoughts with all of you.

Let’s begin with the correct definition:

A Copywriter: A person who writes or prepares advertising material for publication. (Source: Oxford, The Australian Dictionary)

If you think about it, most people have written copy at some stage of their career. Have you ever produced a flyer, sent an email, written kind words on a birthday card? There are many instances in life when you would be using words to get a message across.

Remember, in copywriting, it is about using words to promote, but to also stroke the customer’s ego. Number One rule is – make it about them; use the words you, yours, you’ll and avoid we as much as possible. No one really wants to know about what you do, but how your product/service will benefit them.

EG: I received a flyer the other day from a nursery stating, “We have the best plants for sale in the local area”. My first thought was, who says and so what?

Perhaps if they had written it as follows: “Do you want the best looking garden in your suburb? If you answered ‘yes’ then visit us and you’ll be amazed at our range of plants to suit your garden. Mention this flyer and you’ll receive 25% off our already low prices”.

Copywriting becomes second nature and after a while, you begin to analyse words everywhere. Start to take notice of what’s around you – billboards, sides of buses, television commercials, greeting cards, real estate boards – they all involve copywriting.

PS – Life is an experiment – live, learn, love and laugh often – before it’s gone and your footprint is washed away.

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