And I think I liked it!

I am one lucky chick. I have an awesome group of virtual assistants around me who have my back. Every time I post a blog, I get excited. My words are about to go out there into the big virtual world and some people (even just 2) may read what I’ve got to say. Soooo amazing for the ego!

So as I do every fortnight, I set up my LinkedIn post, hit publish and then shared it to my Facebook business page. Cool! I was set. Then I got the message from an amazing VA Kirsty Wilson (of Interim Business Solutions) – ‘Hey Mon, your link doesn’t seem to work’.

Hmmm, interesting. I could see it, why couldn’t she? So I deleted and tried again. Nope, same thing. So I reached out to another amazing VA Hanna Finlay (of Offsite Tradie Admin Solutions) and asked what she could see. Nada.

On a sidenote, some other dude would have been super happy as I was somehow driving traffic to his blog. A total wtf moment really.

So I looked at my blog headline and thought, surely not!

My original title had used the word wh**e – I’ll let you guess in case I get smacked again (slow smile spreading across my face). Funny thing is though, if you search ‘attention seeking’ in LinkedIn posts, you’ll see my original title…

I took out that word and changed my heading to just, ‘I’m an attention-seeker, deal with it’ and voila, I could post on LinkedIn AND share.

So that’s how I was passively socially smacked by LinkedIn and Facebook.

But here’s what I don’t understand…

I think you’ve noticed that I can drop the occasional swear word. It’s part of my natural speech (although I was raised by strict parents and went to an all girls’ school). And hey, I’m not really THAT bad compared to some.

In the same blog post, I swore. In fact, I used the word shit in my very first sentence. But that’s acceptable.

So ‘wh**e’ is bad, but ‘shit’ is good. And here was thinking ‘wh**e’ wasn’t a bad word. I wasn’t calling anyone this name – if anything, referring to myself!

My warning: Ladies and Gents, watch your words!

That is unless you want to test the limits and join me in the ‘kool kids klub’ and get socially smacked. It is a bit of fun to feel so naughty!

Want to try a bit of fun in your blogs? Contact me –

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