‘Coz that’s not the way quality girls get likes

Have you ever been listening to a webinar, doodling on your notepad, twisting your hair around your finger, checking emails, when pow – the speaker says something that gives you a giggle, and it becomes the ONLY thing you remember?

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a webinar hosted by my SEO lady-crush, the amazingly talented and Head Chef of the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse, Kate Toon.

She came out with this: ‘You can’t just write a blog and then pray it works’.

Now without this being a reflection on Kate (as I’m easily squirrelled), my daydreaming kicked in.

I started thinking about praying, raised as a good Catholic girl, kneeling to pray.

Then my naughty head took over and voila – my new blog headline came to life.

No one will share crap content

You’re slaving away writing your blog, but that little voice in your head keeps asking you who will read what you’re putting out there.

There’s seriously millions of bloggers all competing for attention.

You’re doing the same stuff as other people. You’re unique, but your service isn’t.

So, you need to make sure what you’re writing is what your audience is after. Is it what they need?

How great would it be if we all could become super-famous online just from one Grumpy Cat photo?

Hey, I have a cat who will sit for food – surely that’s enough to make me a celebrated, moccasin wearing bogan?

But photos and videos aren’t really what us writers love and want to be famous for are they?  

Try these top 5 tips for writing un-crappy copy

And if you’re wondering how to structure your blog writing, you’ve got to get your copy of Kate Toon’s Blog Post Copywriting Template.

How to promote your blog without sucking

I’m sure no one believes you can write a blog and instantly gain millions of adoring fans. You know it takes time, and SEO will only get you so far. Blogging love depends on backlinks and social shares – it’s something that builds over time.

Ultimately, you want people to be waiting for your blog to share it around. Yep, pipe dream over here.

The more you promote, the more traffic you will get.

Now everyone knows the usual, share your blog on your social media sites, broadcast it out to your email list, blah blah blah.

So, here are five promotion ideas you may not have thought of:

  1. Find the players in the market, the influencers, the people you admire. Reach out to them, write a short blurb about your blog, and ask them to share it. There are techniques to help you with this, but that’s a whole other blog topic.
  2. Look for podcasters who interview people in your niche area. They’re always looking for guests. Use your blogs as the basis for your interview and direct people back to your blog with your promo plug.
  3. Comment on blog or social media posts. But don’t just do it like a shameless self-promoting wanker. Learn the needs and wants of your market, then help by providing value. If you’ve written a related blog that helps position your authority, share it.
  4. Don’t be scared to mention others and link to them in your blog. I’ve linked a few times here to Kate Toon, and no, I’m not pooping my pants that you’ll leave and not come back when you check her out. I know she’s amazing and hopefully, will share my blog!
  5. Learn to accept negativity. Not everyone is going to love you. I know right – absolute shock horror. I wrote a blog a while back about Negative Nancy Marketing, a trend I’d noticed. This blog was shared heaps (awesome, right?), but some people were harsh. I learnt quickly to be a tough princess, answer with grace and realise that any publicity is still drawing attention to my blog. Communication, good and bad, must always be a two-way street.
And there you are; that’s how the good girls do it

We’re not down on our knees (praying), but we’re out there working hard, putting in some hard yakka, and realising that blogs can be our best promotion tools if we do it right.

I’m going to love you and leave you right now a bit like a wombat…

If you’re looking for blog help, you know how to reach me.

And if you’ve got anything to add, I’d love to hear it. Share away.

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