My greatest passion in copywriting is writing for the web – it’s free flowing, conversational and just so natural for a friendly chatterbox like me. Today, I will show you the 11 principles for successful web writing that I learnt through the Australian School of Copywriting.

Every piece of copy for the web should include:

  1. An Attention-Grabbing headline – this is the first thing people will see, so it is important to grab them and make them stop. You only have about 5 seconds to do this.
  2. Sub-headlines that expand on the headline – place directly below your headline to expand your message further.
  3. Quality Visuals – make sure they are relevant, of a high quality, and do not slow down the loading of your page. Businesses with products would display their wares were as those with a service can display a picture of the owner to prove they do exist and are legitimate.
  4. Benefit-Driven Copy – Each feature should have a benefit to explain what the product is, what it does and how it will help the customer achieve what they want (eg: saving time or money, looking better or smelling divine).
  5. A Focus on the Customer – Make sure you know your target audience. Understand their needs, concerns, fears, desires and problems and write directly to address these.
  6. A Relevant and Targeted Offer – As you would know, sometimes you are only browsing and not ready to buy. By offering something for free (e-book, newsletter etc), you capture their details for future communications.
  7. Evidence or Proof of Claim – You need to establish credibility and build trust with your customers and web surfers. Use testimonials, show test results or offer money-back guarantees.
  8. Value-Added Content – offer things like free information, incentives to buy online or interactivity using polls, links or member areas.
  9. Provide a Clear Call To Action – If you want the consumer to not move on, make sure you tell them this. EG: Call Monique now on 0402 326 924 for a free, no obligation chat about your business promotion needs.
  10. Create a Sense of Urgency – As humans, we love to procrastinate. The sooner you get a consumer to fill out a form, join a newsletter or contact you, the better it is. EG: A limited time offer.
  11. A Simple Domain Name – short, obvious, catchy and easy to spell is the best. Remember to register variations on the name before your competitor takes it and your business.

There is so much more to tell you about web writing, so stay tuned.

PS – Look a stranger in the eyes and smile. Remember, a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. I did this 15 years ago and have the best, best mate in the universe. Until next time, stay happy.

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