Are you a business owner, possibly working from home, who struggles to separate yourself from your office? It’s no easy feat and takes discipline…and a door!

A lot of us work from home, thinking we’ll miraculously find a healthy work/life balance. But this takes time to accomplish. It’s just too easy with a home office to sneak back into the office at night to continue working. This often happens if you’ve put off working during the day and then decide you need to finish some work. Although this is ideal for some, I want you to consider the following.

If you were working in a corporate office, would you be working, answering emails and phones after 5.30pm? No you wouldn’t! Sure, you may be fighting peak hour traffic or starting dinner for your family, but your working day is over.

It’s so easy to fall into the ‘always open’ office trap when you work from home. Here are some tips:

  1. Have a door on your office and shut it at night after your determined end time. While you are breaking your habit, ask you partner to lock it and hide the key – giving you back the key in the morning.
  2. Remember your clients would not be working or expect you to be working at night.
  3. Set a routine. EG: At 5pm, you will turn off your computer, shut the office door and do something with your kids (or go for a walk etc) for an hour before dinner.
  4. Believe your business won’t crumble if you’re not in it 24 hours a day.

Start small. Walk away like you would in a corporate office and go home! Enjoy your out of hour’s life and have that r&r we all deserve. Business women are often ‘super women’ but even the most seasoned campaigners need a break.

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