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Burhhh, it’s so cold in Melbourne today that my toes have become icicles. But you know what they say; “If you don’t like Melbourne’s weather, wait a day”. Now there’s an offer – wait a day and you may get better weather!

Have you ever seen a product or service and thought, ‘Oh that looks great, I must look at that later when I’m not so busy’? Or perhaps you have seen a product at the supermarket but did not buy it because another brand had a ‘special offer’ on their product instead. This is simply what an offer should do.

You need to make the person stop and take action, eg: fill out a form, make a call, visit a website, send an email or go to a store to purchase a product. It doesn’t matter what you use, so long as you motivate the person to take an action.

The offer should be relevant to the person you are trying to attract. Think about who they are, what would they see is important and what they would need, then come up with an offer that is relevant and interesting to them. EG: Many gyms offer free dietary advice with new memberships.

There are many types of offers you could utilise, but here are just a few ideas:

  • Unconditional Offers – Free report, information pack, trial, product sample etc. This can be handy in the start up phase of business.
  • Discounts – end of year sales, introductory specials.
  • Referrals – use when an existing customer refers another to you – reward the existing customer.
  • Free gift with a purchase – ladies, you will see this regularly with cosmetic companies.
  • Buy one get one free – try for a new service, first hour free.
  • Buy now, pay later – used by larger furniture and retailer stores.
  • Contests – a great way to build your database and you could couple it with some subtle market research. EG: what is your favourite service that we offer?
  • Memberships or Frequent Customer rewards.
  • Money Back Guarantees
  • Free or low-cost seminars or webinars.

The main thing to remember is make it relevant to your customer, and make it interesting and worthwhile for them.

Next time, I will show you the 19 formulas for creating a headline. Stay tuned!

PS – Sometimes, all it takes is a stick of dynamite under the hubbie’s backside to re-ignite the passion after 14 years.

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