I’m not usually a big one for Horoscopes as I think they are way too general. I picture someone sitting back in their office (probably just like me in pyjamas) and making up random things that are going to happen to you. Low and behold, they are usually general enough for you to read something into it and relate to your life.

For the past 3 years when I re-open my office after a much needed Christmas/New Year break, I have nothing to do. So I shrug my shoulders and annoy my little Monstars to entertain me! But not this year.

Starting back in my home office on the 7th January, I was straight into it. I’m talking flat out. And I still had the little Monstars home on holidays so I did the best juggling act I could. Thank you Microsoft for inventing the Xbox!

As a result of my client’s booming in their businesses, they handed more and more work through to me which made my business boom. What an awesome flow on effect. I love it. I also picked up more work for what I love doing – copywriting. As a result, January was the best month financially that I’ve had since starting my business!

That’s already one goal crossed off my business goal list for the year – ‘Achieve more money in a month than ever before’. Go me…

So I sat back the other day when I stopped to grab a bite to eat for lunch and thought, ‘Why is this happening’? I’m not complaining at all, it’s brilliant – but why now, what’s different?

I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it but I found out it is the Chinese Year of the Horse and yes, that’s right, I’m a horse! **A horse walked into a bar. The barman said, ‘why the long face?’**

Here’s what the website said about the Chinese Year of the Horse:

‘It’s your year! The Year of the Wood Horse is like a slow motion lottery win. Events just have a way of flowing in your direction when you need them to most. Wood energy encourages slow growth. You’ll be more patient and take extra time developing solutions to any challenge. Even if you don’t do stand-up, your sense of humour and way with words attracts attention and wins friends. Your style sense, enthusiasm and down-to earth charm will attract opportunities.’

So my dear Monstar fans, I’m thinking it will be a big year for growth and I aim to share all of my funny moments with you. Or at least write some useful blogs for you to read.

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