SEO Website Copywriting

It’s your secret weapon to convert enquiries into sales (and keep the Google gods happy)

SEO website copywriting has many faces. You need to create content that is awesome enough for others to promote or link to it, keep people on your site, increase your ‘authority’ and help Google know to rank your site.

Your want your copywriting to:

Solve a problem your client is facing by selling your BENEFITS

Help you stand out and be unique in this crowded online world

Be catchy and conversational to engage with customers

Connect you to your customer by sharing your story

Include relevant keywords so Google can rank you (and get you up to page 1)

What’s SEO copywriting?

Your customer will always think, ‘What’s in it for me?’, ‘Is this what I need?, ‘Is this something I’d share with my peeps?’.

The best copywriters will always write for your customers first, and Google second. It’s a fine balance. SEO copywriters (like me) MUST be able to write copy that converts readers into clients while using keywords to keep the Google gods happy. Easy hey!

How much traffic comes from Google?

Social Media is awesome to drive traffic to your website. But Google searchers who hit your website are the most motivated to buy.

They are looking for a certain product or service. If they’re searching online and your site provides what they need, they’ll stay. So you’ve got a better chance of converting traffic into clients with your content.

Here’s your excuse – ‘I can’t afford a copywriter’.

I’ve seen it all before, small businesses starting out, trying to save money and write their own copy. Sure, you’ve got a website out there, but have you nutted it out?

Are you targeting a specific audience? Have you listed your benefits rather than your features? Will your copy convert people into clients?

I offer affordable Website SEO Copywriting Packages.

I won’t go into it here, but shoot me an email and we’ll arrange a time for a chat.

I will ask you questions. Your target market, your keywords, your benefits, your ‘voice’, your website structure and more.

We’ll then start the copywriting process when I know you’re not a tyre-kicker.

Then, and only then, can I write copy for your business website.

Oh yeah – I’m trained in SEO copywriting too!


So go on, I dare you to give it a go, find out about my packages and update your content.


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