SEO Website Copywriting

It’s your secret weapon to convert curious critters into buyers (and keep the Google gods happy)

As a trained SEO copywriter, I’m here to tell you that your SEO starts long before you write copy for your website.

Think about it for a tick – how do people find you? Google yeah? So, before they hit your website, you must make sure you’re using the right keywords and that you’ve written clickable SEO tags.

If people hit your website, that’s where your copywriting takes over to convert the curious critters into buyers.

You NEED your SEO copywriting to

Solve a problem your customer is facing by selling your BENEFITS

Help you stand out and be unique in this crowded online world

Be witty, catchy and conversational to engage with customers

Connect you with your customers by sharing your story

Include relevant keywords so Google can rank you (and you hit page 1)

Be written by a trained SEO copywriter (I’ve done the best courses in Australia)

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I love critters.

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