LinkedIn Profile & Bio Copywriting

Sell yourself without being cheesy

Yes, it’s true that LinkedIn is your new-age online resume. But what you mustn’t do is have your profile reading like one. Seriously, resumes are as boring as toenails.

Having been trained by world-renowned LinkedIn Trainer, Jo Saunders, and now a part of her team, I love writing LinkedIn profiles that speak to customers rather than merely listing jobs and skills.

There are also moments where you’ll need to have a long and short bio ready – whether you’re a guest blogger, applying for an award, getting an online profile on a website etc. And it’s bloody hard to write about yourself. So, let me do it!


You NEED a LinkedIn profile or Bio to

Tell your story and boast a little without being stuck up

Use a headline to attract attention (and use keywords)

Engage people, so they want to find out about you

Not sound like a boring, stuffy old resume (that’s so old school)

Add in some quirky facts about you to show your human side

Some of my recent LinkedIn Profiles & Bios
Ready to make yourself sound snazzier?

If your LinkedIn profile sounds like a resume, let’s fix it. Or if the thought of writing a bio is doing your head in, let me help.

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