LinkedIn Profiles & Product Descriptions

Sell yourself and your products

By using proven copywriting techniques

Tell me about yourself? Go – I’m listening. Can you blurt out your elevator pitch easily or are you like most people and start stumbling for the words to use. It’s not easy!

And writing about yourself can be even harder. If you start writing in the third person, you’re already losing your connection with your customers. Why? Because you’re not in your copy. You’re talking as a business, not as a person who has a story to tell.

My copwriting rules apply to your LinkedIn profile and product descriptions.

You must:

Let people know who you are and what you offer without boring them to death

Engage people with your story, or the story of your product

Do more than list jobs or features, but sell your benefits

Not be afraid to be yourself, write as yourself and boast a little

Use your headlines to attract attention (and use keywords people search for)

Copywriting for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the BEST platform to showcase not only your professional bio, but let your personality shine through. A bland resume doesn’t ‘speak’ to anyone – but will end up in the office shredder…

If you’re a business owner who’s just had a meeting with a prospective client, if they’ve liked what you’ve talked about, I can guarantee they’ll look at your LinkedIn profile (if they hadn’t already).

Check your profile at ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ and see for yourself. Quick tip: if you change to ‘private mode’, people can’t see that you’ve looked at their profile.

And I’m certified





Copywriting for product descriptions

If you’re not selling as many products as you’d want to, it may be due to your product descriptions.

With any copywriting, you must always answer, ‘What’s in if for me’. And this is the major mistake I see with many online retailers – they only list the features of their product. Seriously – no one cares about the features.

You must change your features into benefits, appeal to their ego and make them have to buy your product.

Many people shopping online aren’t really wanting to spend money – so you NEED to convince them why they MUST have your product, grab their credit card, and spend their money with you.

Build trust, appeal to egos and use your keywords. Sound easy?

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