Blog Copywriting

Reap the benefits of blogging for business

But cheaply written blogs won’t cut it

Blogging is amazing. It’s still vital – really!


Help you build your authority and become a trusted knowledge source

Add to your Google rankings by using your keywords

Give you ‘golden nuggets’ of content to recycle for social media posts

Can be shared across business networks – worldwide

Help you gain inbound leads to your website


Are business blogs a thing of the past?

Not at all! Blogs are great for SEO to drive traffic to your website. They also give people something to share through Social Media sites.

I don’t write keyword stuffed blog posts as I don’t write for robots. I write for humans. Google will slap keyword stuffing – something to do with animals – Pandas or Penguins. I’m hoping for my favourite Giraffes next…

It’s much better to answer your client’s need. To help them understand something. To provide insight. To give advice. Or my personal favourite, make them laugh.

Make your blog spread like wildfire.

Making your blog a copywriting masterpiece is not an easy feat. How awesome would it be to see hundreds of comments and social shares and a whoop arse SEO performer?

Yes, it is doable, but it takes training and time. And your headline is by far, your most crucial element. It’s 80% your headline, 20% your content. If people don’t stop to read your blog, it’s pretty bloody useless.

Then you need to make your copy readable (tell your story) and of course, give them plenty of ways to share your copy.

I wrote a blog that increased my website hits by 386% in one day – cool hey?! 

You’ve got no excuse not to blog.

With blog writing packages to suit your budget, you’ll be a regular blogger.

Blogging has never been easier. I can work one of two ways:

  • I do your research and writing
  • I polish up your words that you’ve blurted out

Standard blogs are around 500 words. I include a headline, an image suggestion, and one set of amendments (within reason).

My style is witty and fun so I tend to not be boring and stuffy with my copywriting. If you want this, I’m not the chick you need to talk to. But if you’re ready to find out more, give me a yell –

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