Copywriting Services

Copywriting is business story-telling.

And everyone has a story to tell.

Connect with your customers by using copywriting to tell your story. Through your social media, your website, your blog, your online store – connect, connect, connect.

And online businesses use copywriting everywhere:

On your website to engage your customers

Your product descriptions that stand out and make people buy

Building your authority by writing blogs for your target market

By creating engaging LinkedIn profiles that aren’t boring resumes

For your email marketing and sales funnels

Let’s inject your personality into your copywriting.

It’s YOUR business and your copywriting needs to reflect your personality. So although we focus on your target market, we’ll make sure we inject a bit of you into your copy.

Whether you’re a tad cheeky, full of fun, or really need to keep it serious – not a problem.

Here are my Monstar Copywriting services:


If your website SEO writing is crap, your bounce rates will soar. I’ve written many websites for clients and trained in the art of SEO copywriting. I even make sure your ‘About Us’ page is rocking enough to read (by telling a story). Find out more by visiting my website copywriting page.


Copywriting is all about psychology. Make them want you, and ONLY you, and not that cheaper option further down the search results page… Blogging can be a huge asset for your business, if you do it right. Start building your authority. Find out more by visiting my blog writing page.


Copywriting is the art of using words that sell. Whether you’re selling yourself through LinkedIn, or your need to up your sales by writing engaging product descriptions, you need the right words. Find out more by visiting my LinkedIn and product description writing page.

You should view copywriting as an essential element of your business. If you’re ready to share your business story through copywriting, get in touch.

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