As a trained SEO copywriter, you’re probably thinking, ‘Mon, why the hell would you say to avoid writing content for Google’.  Seriously, isn’t that the purpose of the content? To increase your rankings?

Well yes, of course it is!


Times are changing.

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing would skyrocket you to Google ranking fame. It just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Yes, you still need to be incorporating your keywords, but Google (as always) is much wiser these days.

With the rise of AI copywriting (e.g. generating mass-produced content purely for the benefit of having a content-rich site), Google has changed some of its ranking factors.

Google now rank helpful, reliable, people-first content over mass-produced, key-stuffed content that’s well, not written for humans!

What does Google mean by people-first content?

It’s pretty self-explanatory really. Google wants to see content written for people, not to manipulate its algorithms for sought-after rankings.

Google is finally rewarding copywriters, content marketers etc., who create high-quality, people-first content. AI copywriting bots won’t be happy!  

One of the first things I learnt as a copywriter was to write for humans first and Google second. So, for me, producing people-first content is what I do naturally.

To know if you’re producing people-first content, ask yourself:

  • Do I know my ideal audience?
  • Would they find helpful information if they came to my website?
  • Does my content demonstrate my knowledge?
  • Does my content educate my audience?
  • Will my audience find the answers they seek in my content?
  • Is this the type of content people would bookmark or share?
  • Will people return to my website for more information?

Writing people-first content will help you build your brand authority

Education in online marketing is everything.

You want to position yourself as the brand authority in your niche, encourage your audience to know and like you, and ultimately trust you.

Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll create more sales.

And one of the best ways to build your brand authority is by creating people-first content.

To get started:

  • Research your competition (what are they doing, writing about etc.)
  • Do your keyword research
  • Find topics your audience is interested in
  • And write!

Look at your current website and blogs. Are you writing about the same things to build your authority, or are you all over the place?

Set up your content strategy with your ideal audience in mind and stick to it.

A copywriter’s top 4 tips on how to write people-first content

As I’ve been doing this for many years, writing for humans comes naturally. But for those of you who are new to writing or a DIY copywriter, here are some tips:

  1. Always write for your audience

You should have your audience in mind with every piece of content you produce. Check your Google Analytics – what terms did people use to land on your site? Use keyword tools to find keywords and topics that are trending. Look at the posts your audience reacts to on your socials. Do some research! Find out what your audience wants to know about and answer their questions.

  1. Stick to your niche

When researching trending topics, throwing in a blog unrelated to your niche may be tempting. For example, I would love to write about pet care, love and life, but my niche is copywriting, so my content remains focused. The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience with mixed messaging.

  1. Solve your audience’s problems

People need copywriting to produce people-first content and rank well in Google. So, I create content that can give them ideas on how to do it (like this!). Avoid creating click-bait content that doesn’t answer the question your reader was searching for. They’ll be frustrated, feel like you’ve wasted their time and never return! Take a moment to think why your audience would need what you offer.

  1. Write with empathy

Are you connecting with your audience? Using empathy in your copywriting is a surefire way to form human connections. Share your stories and your feelings. Let them know you understand their struggles as you’ve been in their shoes. BE HUMAN! When you write with genuine empathy (don’t fake it), you’ll build the trust factor.

How to factor in SEO copywriting with Google’s people-first preference

I want you to get as much Google love as possible.

So, apart from creating people-first content, you can do a couple of other small things to increase ranking.

To ensure humans and Google love your content:

  • Choose the right keyword(s)
  • Use your keywords naturally – in proper sentences and not stuffed all over your blog (FYI – there is no longer a correct keyword ratio…)
  • Format your copy (no one wants to read long slabs of text, and many people will scan your content)

Need a hand to write people-first content?

If you’d like to read all the ins and outs of Google Search Essentials, you can do so here. However, if you’d like a trained SEO copywriter (me!) to help you write your content, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me and let me know about you and your business to see if we’d be a great fit.

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