Copywriting is more than words

It’s the art of conversation

In a busy online world, no one has time to be reading waffling dribble trying to pass as legit copywriting.

Think about what you do when you land on a website.

Firstly, you have a quick skim read of the heading to make sure the site matches the keywords you typed into Google. Is it relevant to what you were looking for? If it is, you’d keep scrolling down the page and read the first paragraph.

Does the copywriting feel like it’s engaging you in a conversation? Are they addressing your needs straight up? Or are they ‘welcoming’ you to their website and talking about themselves?

Copywriting needs to be instantly engaging and talk to the reader. If it’s not, they’ll leave your website quicker than the losing crowd at a footy game.

Let me ask you…

Do you roll your eyes when you hear overused buzzwords in copywriting?

I think most of us have become immune to the cheap, tacky sales buzzwords that people fling around. Most people don’t relate to copywriting that uses these types of phrases:

  • You’re a guru or an influencer
  • You’ll boost your business
  • You’ll take your business to the next level
  • You’ll reveal all your secrets
  • You’re going to hit the ground running
  • You’ll think outside the box to expand your mind
  • You’ll value add
  • Your product is a game-changer

Hard selling no longer works in copywriting

As a copywriter, I hate the obvious hard sell on a website or sales page. You’ve probably fallen victim before when you’ve clicked on links. You start reading through the sales page and feel like gagging at all the obvious pitches thrown at you.

And the usual emotion they appeal to is fear. FOMO!

Their copywriting preaches what will happen if you don’t follow their method or buy their product.

If you’re in business, you won’t create a 6-figure business, you won’t retire early, you won’t grow your business, you won’t find new customers, you won’t make more sales, and you won’t rank highly in Google.

If you’re a consumer, you won’t reduce your wrinkles, you won’t lose 6kg in a week, you won’t build muscles, you won’t have a clean house, you won’t cook like a pro chef and so on.

Wow! You really need them as without them you won’t get the results you desire!

Does this method of copywriting work? Sometimes! But it’s old-school and most of us no longer love this style or fall for it.

The online world is full of noise and competition, and I think we’re all getting a bit sick of the ‘if you don’t follow my methods, you won’t be as amazing as me’ type of pitches. Am I right?

The new power in copywriting is keeping it real

Most people these days will send a message via Messenger or text rather than picking up the phone. With all of us being online, it’s the easiest way to stay connected.

We’ve become adept to writing messages.

Your copywriting should be the same. If you write your online messages like you’re having a convo with your mates, you’ll start writing some winning copy.

 Copywriting like this:

‘OMG, I had the rudest phone call earlier. A potential new client started drilling me like it was a job interview and went as far as asking me about how much money I earn. So inappropriate! I was blown away with the rudeness. So, I’ve written this eBook to share my ideas about how to tackle awkward moments on phone calls without calling them rude and hanging up’.

My biggest tips when it comes to copywriting – keep it real, write like you’re having a conversation with a mate, and don’t do the obvious hard sell.

What copywriting buzzwords are you sick of?   

Luckily many buzzwords go out of style. Copywriters will pay attention to what people are saying online and learn what words no longer have an impact on people.

Or, we can ask our audience! What buzzwords are you sick of?

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