As a copywriter, I often make up words, but this time it’s a real word – and the Urban Dictionary agrees

I’m a copywriter, you all know that part right? But did you also know that I often make up words? Most of them don’t stick and I’d never use them in my copy (unless you are a super fun business), but there’s certain words that stick with me and I use them all the time. So the other day, my amazing LinkedIn trainer, Jo Saunders suggested she needed a new social media term. She wanted to like a post but she couldn’t (it didn’t fit with her principles). So I told her about my word – ‘squirrelled’.

I was told I needed to add ‘squirrelled’ to the Urban Dictionary

If you’ve never heard of the Urban Dictionary, you’ve got to check it out. It’s where all the funky, cool and hip words hang out. It is purely written by real humans – and now I’m one of them. It’s created by people who have fun words and phrases that mean something and make sense (mostly).

Jo loved my word so much, she looked up the Urban Dictionary to see if it was there. It wasn’t. So I jumped on it. I mean how seriously cool is it to have your word added to the Urban Dictionary when you’re a copywriter. Amazing really.

And here’s the proof that ‘squirrelled’ is now a real word

I know sometimes you have to see things to believe it. I sure did. The email told me my word was added but I still was like, ‘yeah whatever’ until I clicked the link and saw my word!

Urban Dict

So now a word I’ve been using for years is actually real. It has to be – it’s in the dictionary.

So how do you use my word ‘Squirrelled’?

Have you ever watched a squirrel? They busily flip around, collecting their nuts, until something catches their attention. They stop everything to stare. So ‘squirrelled’ means to be easily distracted. I have ‘squirrel’ moments all the time…

So when Jo wanted to like a post but couldn’t, she got ‘squirrelled’ by her principles.

Here’s a couple of ways to use my term squirrelled:

  • I was chatting to my best mate Marty when I got squirrelled by the cute couple sharing a happy meal on the table behind us (young love, on a date, with no money – so adorable)
  • I was walking along in the shopping centre when I got squirrelled by the killer, giraffe looking heels in the window (but could I seriously wear them at the zoo…)
  • I was in mid-sentence of an important convo with the fiancé when I was distracted by a dancing bear on the telly (have you seen that ad – it’s fkn hilarious)
  • I was writing a blog when…’squirrel’ (another way to use it)…

I’d love for you to give my new word a thumbs up

Please support this copywriter and head on over to the Urban Dictionary and give ‘squirrelled’ some love: And if you have any new words, you should add them – it’s easy to do and makes you feel a tad special when they accept them. Try it.

A Virtual Copywriting Monstar Bio

I’m an SEO copywriter, a blog writer, a word extractor, a social media profile writer, an offsite admin organiser and a giraffe loving short arse who can balance a spoon on her nose.

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