Here’s how I picked it up.

When most people are watching TV, they hang out for the ad breaks to run to the loo, grab a drink or look at their phone.

Not me – I’m not normal.

You see, being a copywriter does have downfalls. I check my phone during the show and pay attention to the ads. I’m weird like that. But it helps me with my copywriting – what are they saying that sells? What can I learn from the ad?

And some ads make me want to spew – they are boring, or too salesy, or just plain wtf?

Like ‘Real Insurance’ – uck! Seriously, I’ve never stopped before going on a holiday to say, ‘Wait, we can’t go until we’ve arranged funeral insurance.’ Or stood in my kitchen and randomly asked my hubby, ‘What would happen to you if I die.’ It’s far from ‘real.’ But by paying attention, I can know the companies who use an amazing copywriter.

Here are a few big companies using copywriting techniques:

  1. Ford – ‘Little known secrets.’
  2. Vistaprint – ‘When you’re running a business, marketing can fall last on your list.’
  3. Foxtel – ‘Foxtel movies is the destination for all things movies.’
  4. Oral B – ‘Introducing the toothbrush that sees what no other toothbrush sees.’

How can I tell? Because they’ve used copywriting terms, that’s how.

Little known secrets’ a typical headline that copywriters are taught to use. I mean, everyone wants to know a secret. It’s our curious nature. And if we don’t listen to find out the secret – will we miss out on something?

When you’re running a business, marketing can fall last on your list’ is speaking directly to a targeted customer – anyone running a business. And those who are sitting there thinking, ‘Oh shite, I am sucking at marketing and not doing it’ will pay attention as they make it seem cheap and easy to market your business.

Foxtel movies is your destination for all things movies.’ There’s not much you can say to this. If you’re a movie lover watching this ad, there’s nothing more for you to question. They’ve told you they’re the destination for all things movies and that’s it! Then they tell you how many movies you can get and what it’ll cost you. It sounds enticing.

Introducing’ is a word about newness. And as humans, we’re wired to want the latest, the newest thing. They continue with, ‘the toothbrush that sees what no other toothbrush sees’ making it sound like the only ever toothbrush that will brush your teeth correctly. I did check my toothbrush – it had no eyes – so maybe this toothbrush can see what mine can’t.

Selling yourself in 30 seconds is never easy, costs big bucks and takes a team of experts

I know most of us small business owners will never get up to one of those expensive TV ads. It’ll be seriously cool to see my little purple Monstar jumping around on your TV screens, but it ain’t happening.

If you’re like me, stick to all the online advertising methods, and you’ll be ok:

  • Your website
  • Your blogs
  • Social media posting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email marketing
  • SEO enhanced product descriptions

But if you do have big bucks to spend and want to have a crack at a TV commercial, do it!

Want to start small and improve your website?

There are so many little things you can do to improve your website. Hell, even I continually work on my own in my down time. Making sure your copy is SEO and reader friendly to start with is a massive bonus.

Then you need to make sure your title tags and meta descriptions are totally spot on.

Next, you can ramp it up by writing useful blogs and product descriptions that are SEO friendly.

It’s not as much hard work as it sounds. Let’s connect and have a chat.

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