Working as a Virtual Assistant (a VA) is hugely different to working in an office environment. Trust me, I know. When I left my bricks and mortar office job 5 years ago, I had no idea the skills I had would need to change.

Sure, I was a trained Personal Assistant so I could slip into the role of being a VA quite easily – in terms of work that is.

But one of my major struggles was learning how to communicate effectively without standing in front of the person I was speaking to. How do you possible get your message across without the assistance of gauging reactions, seeing facial expressions, using your own body language?

I was lucky to discover the art of Copywriting so I learnt how to communicate properly using the written word.

Here’s a graphic I’ve popped together on ways VA communicate:

VAs Communicate with Clients

You’ll set your best communication method with your clients, and it may vary from one to another. Some clients will love a weekly chat, others will be happy with emails, and others will like to speak to you daily.

It’s a matter of working out what works best for you, and your clients.

One major rule to finish up today – if your client has to constantly chase you – you’re not doing your job properly.

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