Your $10 blog post will never go viral

I don’t even know why you’d bother… It happens in every industry. Amateur hacks who swoop in, undercharging clients for a service and promoting it all over social media. They’re the ones who make you (the pro), want to reach through your computer screen and...

A blog’s not a blog when it reads like a bog

Here’s why you need to write blogs for humans I thought I’d blurt out a quick blog about blogs! I’ve had a couple of people ask me lately how to write a blog for SEO purposes. You’ve all heard the experts harp on that blogs help with your website’s Google ranking (and...

Bringing the Blog Back Baby!

As a copywriter, I know how important it is to keep your content ‘current’. It’s an aspect I always promote to my clients – blog it, blog it, blog it.
Anytime I help with website copy, I suggest that they have a blog section.

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