What’s A Virtual Assistant?

Your Perfect Business Partner Who Floats In Cyberspace!

Sorry! I can’t run your personal chores like making you a coffee or popping down to the shops to pick up your lunch, but I can make sure you have time to do this for yourself.

Think of a Virtual Assistant as a freelance Executive Assistant, a Secretary, an Organiser and an Office all-rounder who works from their own ‘virtual’ office. And your clients will never know the difference. Unless of course you’re proud enough to tell them how smart you are for using a VA!

Here’s how using a Virtual Assistant works:

  • You set up a business email for your VA so they can respond to all enquiries looking like they ‘belong’ to you
  • Your VA can answer phone calls stating, ‘Hi, (company name), Monique speaking’ and if the person wishes to speak to you a simple, ‘I’m sorry, (name) is out of the office at the moment, can I get them to call you back?’ works every time
  • You save big $$ on employment costs (no leave, superannuation) and office equipment (VAs run their own business)
  • A VA rate is usually lower than a temp agency who charges you management fees
  • And the best part: You only pay for time work is actually performed – no more paying for extended coffee breaks or ‘down time’

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is becoming more common with smart business owners saving thousands of dollars and hours of their personal time each year. I’ll guide you through the process and in no time, you will be thinking ‘how did I do all of this by myself’?

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