So how do you ensure your email is read?

If you’re waiting on a response from a client and hearing nothing, don’t be surprised if your email has become ‘lost’.

Lost in an inbox that will be filling up by the hour with ‘super important’ business emails – each person thinking their email is more important than the next…

Or perhaps you’re sending out a newsletter or sales email to your database and getting a very low response rate. I can pretty much guarantee that your email subject header is to blame.

If your email subject header doesn’t capture attention, you’ll be overlooked.

Business owners are busy. And no matter what business you’re running, you’ll receive emails – from suppliers, from clients, from colleagues or from people trying to connect with/sell to you.

And with more and more people checking emails on their phones, you need to make your email subject headers short and snappy. If you’ve got email set up on your phone – check this out. How many words can you read in the subject header without opening it? Around 4 to 7 yeah?

So here are my top email subject lines that you can try:

  1. Re: (insert title of last email)
    Emails with re:… have been shown to get opened 92% of the time.
  2. Here’s that [resource you promised] you were looking for
    If you’ve promised to send something through, make it stand out in their inbox.
  3. Still on track for [goal]
    Remind your client why they contacted you – i.e. Still on track for completing the data entry job by Friday COB – keeps your client in the loop and stands out in their inbox.
  4. This will only take a 27 seconds
    A way to show that you know their time is valuable, but that you need them to read your email as it contains important information.
  5. Hey [name], check this out
    Perhaps a little egotistical, but people love seeing/hearing their own name being used.

There are many more ways to capture attention but I’d love you to have a go at creating some amazing subject headers. Play with the above and see what you come up with.

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to contact me to discuss your copywriting needs.

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