As a copywriter, I know how important it is to keep your content ‘current’. It’s an aspect I always promote to my clients – blog it, blog it, blog it.

Anytime I help with website copy, I suggest that they have a blog section. Of course I go one step further to offer them my awesome writing services. I suggest to write a series of blogs upfront and then upload them on a regular basis.

And the best part about a blog is….once you’ve written a few (or had someone ghost write them for you), you can use them to pick out little nuggets of gold to form your Facebook posts or Tweets.


I am the first to admit that I’ve been the slackest of slack when it comes to writing my own blogs. I usually try to get them all written at the start of the year while I’m sitting back on a beach. But this year I had an overly busy January. My beach visits were virtually non-existent. (*insert world’s smallest violin playing here*) And I tend to get distracted…’squirrel’! 


Now where was I? Yes, that’s it. I’m trying to tell you that content matters. It’s a must have for websites. Not only can it make your services or product more interesting, but it can (and usually will) increase your Google rankings. And that’s the gold – being found by Google.

Here’s how it works:

  • You write blogs (or have them written) and as you build your brand, you use keywords in your blogs to help increase your Google rankings
  • Google looks for ‘fresh’ content, so as you add more blogs and more and more people click on your site to read them, Google thinks, ‘Hmmm, this person must have some authority’ and bumps you up their search list
  • You make sure you have Social Media share buttons so if someone likes your blog, they share it with their network and so on…once again making Google take note

So although it’s much easier these days to simply post something in Facebook, think about your poor website. Oh and just to make it clear – I have no affiliation with Google or Facebook so my advice is purely advice and not directed either way!

Balancing everything can be super time consuming. That’s when someone awesome like me can help! I can not only write you a series of blogs, but I can regularly upload them and use them to create a Content Calendar for you (I’ve explain this in another blog for you). From this, you have all your Facebook posts and Tweets ready to rock and roll as well.

Content is still King – rule it!

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