I’m spewing that my kids are too old for fairy tales

At 17 and 15, if I tried to tell them a bedtime story, I’d have to stay up past my own bedtime – screw that, I need sleep.

I loved being able to express my creative side and tell them the funniest, unique bedtime stories I could. In fact, I’d tell them stories whenever I could. I loved seeing their little faces full of intrigue. You should hear the bath time story about why it’s called ‘shamPOO’…

You know by now that I’m a copywriter. Although I write daily, I often don’t get to be overly creative. Why’s that? Because all forms of writing follow a basic 7 element template, you don’t really need to be creative!

Using these 7 copywriting elements:

  • Helps you to get started
  • Stops procrastination and clears your writer’s block
  • Forms the basis for all great advertising
  • Means you don’t need to be creative
  • Allows you to write the bits you like first, then put them in order later

So before I write my copy, usually for websites, I sit down and scribble on a piece of paper. A lot of planning goes into my copywriting. Here’s what I scribble:

There are the 7 elements: a headline, a sub-headline, appealing images, features and benefits, testimonials, a free offer and a call to action

Each element plays it part and there are further tips and tricks to help you write each element! But I’m not giving away all of that today! Besides the fact you’ll get totally bored and tune out, it allows me to explain things in greater details over the coming weeks – so stay tuned – please.

In the meantime, I encourage you to have a look at your copy. Does it contain these 7 elements – the base roots of direct response advertising? If not, what are you missing?

If you’d like an expert review of your copy, please shoot me through an email –monique@avirtualcopywritingmonstar.com.au with an email header, ‘Help me, my copy is crap’.


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